Dies Ferialis: Awakening the Lemures Comes Out 9.25.20 from Cucurbitophobia

Dies Ferialis: Awakening the Lemures comes out 9.25.20. Physical and digital pre-orders begin on 9.9.20!

The brand new album is next chapter of Cucurbitophobia, picking up and moving forward with the Horror atmosphere and eerie ambiance. 9 nightmarish avant-garde works loosely revolving around the ancient Roman underworld.

Visit Cucurbitophobia.com for all updates, and for information on pre-ordering the album.

This includes my full-lengths Tapestries of Terror, The Ghost Town on the Coast, and As All Eyes Set Upon You, and my E.P.s A Druids Tale and On the Dawn of Solstice. Visit to purchase music.  🎃


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