‘Knitted Son’ Unravels Mommy’s Heartstrings

Just when you thought you’d plumbed the depths of the internet’s mysteries, fresh hell has arrived and he’s handcrafted with love. If you’ve been following the @knittedson ARG (TikTok’s new horror obsession), you’re already well-acquainted with Whit, the life-size knitted boy, and his distinctly un-fuzzy activities. If not, have no fear: the crochet killer is set to star in his own feature film.

The original knitted son, created by Marieke Voorsluijs, first appeared online in a 2016 post – a hand-knit replica of her own child, with the claim that this replacement would never grow too old for a cuddle. Reactions to the surprisingly viral photo, however, were not entirely positive, and theories of sinister origins turned the doll into the stuff of creepypasta legend.

Ricky Glore (Babysitter Massacre ’78, Maul Santa) was locked up in Covid quarantine when he stumbled into this rabbit hole of intrigue and art. He was set afire with inspiration for a horror film, but with major projects on pandemic pause, the comedian and filmmaker decided to have a little social fun first and stoke interest online. After securing the enthusiastic permission of Ms. Voorsluijs, he began to unwind this creepy yarn on TikTok, ratcheting up tension with every 15-second chapter.

With the continuing success of the ARG, Mr. Glore has set to work on the full production, which will feature new and unsettling knitted work from Marieke Voorsluijs herself [www.clubgeluk.nl]. And to top it off, they’re set to shoot on location at Bobby Mackey’s [www.BobbyMackeys.com], the most haunted nightclub in America.

And now you can support the Indiegogo campaign to fund Whit’s big-screen debut. It goes live Tuesday, May 25 and runs through the end of June, with a goal of $100,000.

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