The Horrible Imaginings Film Festival Presents the Acclaimed Horror Short Film Series “Campfire Tales” December 12th!

HO HO HO… The Horrible Imaginings Film Festival Presents Their Final Holiday Horror Nightmare of 2021 with the Acclaimed Horror Short Film Series “Campfire Tales!”

Whether you are naughty or nice, the celebrated Horrible Imaginings Film Festival closes out a frightfully successful year with their final gift to you. More than just an assembly of horror short films from around the world, the Campfire Tales series has become a snapshot of the diverse and infamous shorts that are submitted to the southern California based horror film festival.

Considered by many as a horror film festival destination for quality programming, experiences, and community, #HIFF has received top marks from patrons, peers, filmmakers, and cinema platforms like FilmFreeway, MovieMaker Magazine, HorrorHound Magazine, and Dread Central, among others during its 13-year run. A safe haven where nightmares can be realized and horror cinema is more than blood, gore, and troupes, the “Campfire Tales” showcases are systematically placed throughout the calendar year with the up and coming Ho Ho Horrible Imaginings Campfire Tales promising to leave you frosty and dreaming of devilish delights this holiday season! Giving opportunities and a platform for filmmaker’s stories to rise and connect, the special holiday horror shorts showcase is raging against the jolly and presenting the nightmares and dreamscapes that the Krampus will cherish!

Happening on Sunday, December 12th at The Frida Cinema and virtual on Eventive, the special holiday Campfire Tales will kick off at 5:30 PM PST with a global slate of 14 short films followed by a very special screening of the Sean Nichols Lynch holiday vampire film Red Snow.

Beginning with a global holiday horror short film showcase including countries like Belgium, Canada, China, Israel, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States, the array of short films will make you shiver, shake, and shriek with holiday fears, strained relationships, things that go bump in the night, and unusual holiday customs! It will be followed by a special screening of the award winning, vampire holiday horror feature Red Snow.

“A fun fusion of The Lost Boys, True Blood, and Die Hard, Red Snow is the Christmas vampire movie that you never knew you needed.” – Kat Hughes of the Hollywood News

Red Snow tells the tale of a struggling vampire romance novelist “Olivia” (Dennice Cisneros) whose life and writings are changed forever when she must defend herself from a group of real vampires during a Christmas stay in Lake Tahoe. Starring Cisneros as well as Nico Bellamy and cult film legend Vernon Wells, Red Snow is a playful turn on the vampire sub-genre that is an unexpected, vicious gift under your blood red tree!

The “Ho Ho Horrible Imaginings Campfire Tales” will be a hybrid event featuring the in-theater presentation at the long time Horrible Imaginings Film Festival partner The Frida Cinema (305 East 4th Street Santa Ana, California 92701) and a virtual option through for only $18. Doors open at 5:00 PM PST with the first screening kicking off at 5:30 PM PST and the screening of Red Snow beginning around 8:00 PM PST. Find out more information, schedule, and get your tickets at

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