BUT Film Festival Brings B-Movie, Trash, and Underground Cinema to Breda

The festival for B-movies, underground, and trash films to take place in Breda on August 31

BUT Film Festival attracts thousands of alternative film lovers yearly

Breda – The 17th edition of BUT Film Festival will take place in various locations in Breda between August 31 and September 4. The independent festival showcases exclusively B- movies, underground, and trash films alongside alternative performances, music shows, and visual art.

This year’s edition is focused on vigilante and (female) revenge movies. BUTFF wants to explore the side of cinema that big Hollywood productions do not yet fully showcase through BUT-movies. Confirmed movie screenings include “Jacinto” and “La Noche De La Bestia”.

BUTFF’s artistic director, Alex Diehl: “The main recipe for these films is that the first part ofthe film shows a lot of violence by the bad guys. And the second half of the film is a lot of violence used by the good guys. As a spectator, it’s up to you to decide where your limits are. How far would you go?”

A special part of the programme will be rape revenge movies. Here, BUTFF will show “I Spit on Your Grave” and “En Grym Film”, among others. Diehl: “It’s an exceptional and a veryextreme part of cinema that is usually only shown on DVD or at small festivals. We’d like tobring that to the big screen.”

Alongside films, BUTFF will feature a rich programme of performative and visual arts. Friday is traditionally a day for metal music at the festival. This year, the confirmed performers include NAME with SHOW or NAME with SHOW.

The festival also invites special guests yearly. This year, the visitor will be actress PollyannaMcIntosh. BUTFF will show two of the movies she played in: “The woman” and “Revenge”.

To see pictures from previous years, click here.

BUTFF is organized by Stichting Idee-Fixe with funding made available by FilmFonds and Gemeente Breda.

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