Pandemic Thriller QUARANTINE-19 Now Streaming on Major VOD Platforms Throughout North America

Nail-biting thriller QUARANTINE-19, also known as CORONTINA-19, was released on June 1 on multiple VOD platforms throughout the U.S. and Canada by KDMG, Inc.

Directed by Turkish filmmaker Can Sarcan, QUARANTINE-19 is a chilling thriller set during the pandemic. An incident occurring on a TV show drives a group of reality show contestants to break out of the TV studio where they have been isolated. Once free, they enter a new reality dominated by a lethal virus and will have to quickly adapt to the strict laws of a changed world where double-speak is the norm and no one is to be trusted.

According to director Sarcan, the idea came from an international news story that stated it would be announced to “Big Brother” and “Survivor” contestants, who were disconnected from the world, that there was a pandemic taking place. At the time of filming, the vaccine had not yet been introduced, and there were risks involved for the crew. Yet, because the streets of Istanbul were empty, they could shoot in very popular locations without any hassle.

Sarcan explains why he made this film: “There are people from different countries in the competition house in the movie. All of them are struggling and trying to survive as we all stayed in our own homes and tried to survive in the reality during the pandemic. So we all could show empathy and see the feeling of the contestants during these two years.”

Released in the cinemas in Turkey in 2022, QUARANTINE-19 has been produced by Bilal Kalyoncu for 2506 Cinema and stars Ayse Akin, Özüm Çakir andMelih Degirmenci. KDMG, Inc. is overseeing the distribution of the film in North America, where it is currently streaming on Amazon Prime, Vudu, Hoopla, Spectrum On Demand, Comcast Xfinity, Cox, and many others to be added in the upcoming months.

About KDMG, Inc.:
Kaczmarek Digital Media Group, Inc.
(KDMG, Inc.) was founded in 2012 to provide a non- traditional, outside the box, hands-on digital approach to entertainment content providers. Deeply passionate about our work, KDMG counsels individuals and companies in all areas of the entertainment industry, including producers, directors, distributors, technology companies, digital retail platforms, sales agents, and cable, telecommunications and satellite companies toward achieving their highest potential.


Turkey, 2021 – 95 min. – Thriller – English

Eight people from all over the world participate in a reality tv show. Hoping to win at the $1 million prize, the contestants completely break their ties with the outside world and enter a house full of cameras. Strange events happen and the contestants are forced to leave the house. But when they return to real life, the contestants face a completely different world than the one they left.


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