“The Legend of the Dark Clown” Is Available Now!

New comic, ‘The Legend of the Dark Clown’
features Jitters, an evil birthday clown
 Now Available!

Matthew Martino’s new comic, The Legend of the Dark Clown is available on Amazon. 

The Legend of the Dark Clown chronicles the transformation and rise of a simple birthday clown into a sinister, murderous super villain

Jitters is a recent graduate with high hopes to one day be a birthday clown who entertains kids. When he cannot afford to pay back his student loans from clown college, he takes the only job available to a young inexperienced clown. He embarks on a life of crime when joins the Killer Clown Mafia. It’s blood in and blood out so once he kills for his crew, he has no way to leave without being murdered himself. He makes the decision to take out every evil clown in the entire city and goes on a massive killing spree in hopes to be free to become what he always wanted – a clown who entertains kids. In his desire to live his dream, he creates a nightmare and becomes a legend. He is an evil clown that kills other evil clowns.

“Jitters is quite unique among evil clowns. He more like Walter White from Breaking Bad then Pennywise from IT. He’s not just evil and sadistic. Rather, he is motivated by noble intentions that go very badly. He desperately wants to be a birthday clown. However, the world just won’t let him. His decent into evil is slow and methodical as his life spirals deeper out of his control.” – Matthew Martino

Amazon: The Legend of the Dark Clown

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