Creator and writer Daniel Farrand and artist Johannes Vick are set to bring horror fans…


An amazing black and white psychological horror comic described as…

“a truly terrifying experience”

“a warped and twisted world”

“will create psychological unease”


What’s this frightening story about…

The Untold’s protagonist is a young girl called Alice. From a young age Alice was emotionally neglected by her parents who, like a lot of adults nowadays, were career driven and money hungry. Whilst her parents intentions were good, Alice was frequently palmed off on her beloved Grandpa, Mr Dyson.

Unfortunately when Alice was 7 years old, her Grandpa disappeared. The most influential figure in her life, gone with without a trace. Over the next 10 years Alice searched for answers, repeatedly questioning her parents who refused to speak about the matter. This was until her 18th birthday, when Alice’s father finally cracked. He revealed that Mr Dyson had been admitted to LongCroft, the UK’s most notorious insane asylum.

Upon visiting her Grandpa Alice begins to see apparitions of a young girl, a demon called Daisy. The malevolent spirit drags Alice into a series of dark and twisted visions, each one more grotesque than the last.

Alice quickly realizes “Some things are better left Untold”


That’s not all! There’s even more to this story!

Check out the first 3 thrilling intro pages, which include a look at “The Dark Figure”…




Daniel Farrand has worked two years to bring this horror comic to horror fans. Here’s a little bit about how it came to be…

“The Untold was born from a fascination into the psychology behind some of the world’s most heinous criminals, in particularly those who are of a malignant narcissistic sociopathic nature. I have taken inspiration, for Mr. Dyson, from films such as American Psycho, Red Dragon and Mr Brooks, that have a central character that is both lovable and yet the worst kind of evil beneath the surface. With The Untold I have attempted to find the perfect balance between psychological unrest and visual terror through an original story.”

Not only has he worked tirelessly on this comic, but he’s funded the first ten pages plus other various costs to get it to this point. Now he needs your support to finish the comic, and get it into the hands of horror fans.

Don’t let Alice’s story go UNTOLD!

Please click the pic to support “The Untold #1″…


There are plenty of awesome rewards in return for your pledge to the campaign like…

-A physical copy of The Untold #1

-Special 270mm x 160mm prints

-The Untold drinking horn!! Extremely limited and a must have!

-A Speaking Cameo Appearance!! You will appear as a patient within LongCroft Insane Asylum!! Don’t miss this unique opportunity to be in a comic!

Please visit The Untold #1 on Kickstarter for more information including:

-A video from Daniel & Johannes explaining The Untold #1

-A look at more pages of the comic

-A detailed look at all of the available rewards

-And plenty of reasons why horror fans will love this comic!

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