Fresh and Exciting” says Ain’t It Cool News. 

A Twisty Thriller” says Night of the Living Podcast.

“a genre-bending journey into debauchery and murder” says Horrortalk.


A detective (Richard Cutting) investigates a murder at a house where guests indulge themselves in all forms of pleasure and decadence.

Anything goes in the Garden of Hedon. Even murder.

Starring: Richard Cutting, Danielle Lozeau, John C. Bailey, Beau Peregino, Andrew C. Ely, Joanna Becker, Vanessa Rae Bent, Leanna Chamish, Frederick Cowie, Jessy Danner, and Rob Dimension

Directed by: Kevin Kangas


Not only has “Garden of Hedon” won multiple awards at festivals, it also broke into the top 100 horror flicks on Amazon Prime! Check out some of the fantastic reviews it’s getting…

“Garden Of Hedon is a must see. This is a fun artsy looking slick flick, with an excellent cast. Nice visual look and well done soundtrack… This is low budget film making at its best. The house itself in this movie is a work of art. I would highly recommend to horror fans, definitely check this one out if your looking for something different. This is a pretty gory one too.”

“I really enjoyed this movie. I lost myself in the story and found myself on the edge of my seat waiting for what was going to happen next. This is definitely a movie I would recommend to others who enjoy the mystery/horror genre. Great acting and flow throughout the film. Totally worth the time and the money!”

“I enjoyed this low budget horror movie. I’ll be honest, the poster drew me in and the film didn’t disappoint my expectations! Lots of different characters all tied together by the talented lead actor! Interesting film worth a watch if you are looking for a good, original indie horror!”

“It’s a cult film that is going to be classic


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