Dog The Bounty Hunter meets Invasion of the Body Snatchers” -Terrorhook

Very entertaining” -Arrow in the Head

Pulse pounding” -Lightning Bug’s Layer

“A well-written movie with one hell of a brutal payoff” -Horrortalk


A trio of bounty hunters in search of a fugitive find something more horrifying than they can imagine.

Starring: Tom Proctor(“Guardians of the Galaxy”, “Django Unchained”), Neil Conway, John Rutland, Demetrius Parker, Johnny Alonso(“Coffin”, “Serial Mom”) and Savannah Costello


Directed by: Kevin Kangas


“Bounty is like the horror version of Dog The Bounty Hunter. It’s full of action, pretty dang bloody and has a nice twist too! This is one bounty worth checking out! Good fun low budget horror flick. Top notch special effects too. Tom Proctor stole the show in this one. Very fun to watch as well.”

“This is an awesome movie with a great twist, lots of blood with a ton of suspence. Bounty is well put together, the acting is in point and the camera angles used with a documentary touch, really caught my attention and gave this movie edge. Tom Proctor makes one hell of a bounty hunter, and over all this movie is very entertaining. A must watch, bc your in for one hell of a ride!

“It started out like the DOG BOUNTY HUNTER and ENDS up like TWD. See 4 your self. A little of both shows.”

“Tom Proctor kicks @$$ in this must see thriller!!!”

“This is the kind of indie creation you want to support and therefore, support it by watching.”


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