“Dark Seduction” Coming October 11th!




A Film lost for over 30 years, now restored in 2K!

Dark Seduction Available October 11th, 2016

2016 | English | Noir/Cult/Horror | 81 minutes | 1080p

Hollywood 1944 and 1984. The creeps are crawling out of the woodwork like a bad dream and lone gumshoe private eye Dic Jones is trying to make the long cold crawl out of a short warm whiskey bottle. In this dark black and white underworld there are two lady Vampires on the loose. Vera and Serina, two super fine, rocked out, glammed up, new waved lesbian bloodsuckers, hell bent on a tinsel-town drinking spree.


” When it was created, it was ahead of it’s time, but it’s time is now.”-Greg Travis”


In the summer of ’84, they feverishly shot with a five-man crew on a 15-day schedule working out of a small office on Hollywood Boulevard surrounded by bikers and homeless. It was hard to tell where the film ended and the production began. An additional two scenes were shot six months later and the filming phase was complete.

When the shooting phase of the film was over, the post-production wreck left in its wake a vortex dying in a storm. Travis and Bishart had no money to hire a real editor, so they tried to tackle that task with a sense of impending doom. A year later, a workable cut still had not been found. Their production office was closed and the editing was moved to Bishart’s home office. After another year, the work was transferred to ¾ inch tape and various versions of the film were made in search of the perfect cut. 

Creative disagreements, technical snafus, lack of funding and distractions from the next career step were beginning to dilute the ability to finish Dark Seduction. Unable to find the cut, both men returned to their other jobs and Dark Seduction was temporarily shelled.

The real question for Greg Travis was what kind of a movie had he made? Part film noir, part horror movie, part comedy and all homage… Dark Seduction was all of those things. Travis was faced with putting together what was now beginning to look like a collage of short scenes concocted under the umbrella of high concept. It went into storage, a kind of post-apocalyptic hibernation, peaking out of its cryogenic chamber every century or so to check and see if the world was habitable once again. Travis’ vision, like all dreams to the dreamer upon awakening, lost cohesion in the stark light of day. Ownership disputes followed. Now and again, an attempt to resurrect Dark Seduction would come along then disappear. At one point, the negative was lost when an editor who had possession of it suffered a stroke and went incommunicado for a year, but like Dic Jones, Travis persevered. The digital revolution revitalized Dark Seduction just like an infusion of fresh blood reanimates a vampire! A high quality restoration of the original footage now made it possible to re-edit! Time, experience and perhaps a little wisdom had sharpened Travis’ dark dream into an actionable narrative that could now be told. The style of the 40’s and the insanity of the 80’s were once again married, this time into a workable relationship, and all the frenetic, quirky energy of the participants, from grip to actor, all of their blood, sweat and tears come through in every single frame! All who took part were darkly seduced by Travis’ obsession. They’ve had their Dark Seduction. Now it’s time for yours!


The film was originally shot in Los Angeles, CA in the summer of 1984 and was never finished due to a long list of mishaps, creative battles, and lost footage.

Featuring a classic film Noir detective, two beautiful Vampire Vixens and a supporting cast of hilarious characters; this lost cult classic, thirty years in the making, has the potential to become one of the greatest cult films of all time!

Directed by Greg Travis, Industry Veteran, known for his Roles in Starship Troopers, Watchmen, Show Girls, and Man on the moon, and Starring his Sister Stacy Travis: Easy A, Ghost World, Bandits.

A Documentary has been produced chronicling the film’s trials and tribulations from 1984 into present day. The documentary release will coincide with the release of the film.

Shot on 16mm Black and White, making it a must see film for Purist’s, so good it’ll make them weak at the knees!

On April 1st, 2016 a long overdue premier finally had it’s night! In attendance were Celebrities (Robert Townsend, Andy Dick, John Kassir, Vanessa waters). Also in attendance were the members of the cast and crew, that Travis was able to hunt down 30 years later. It was a midnight screening of ‘Dark Seduction’ at the Nuart Theatre in Los Angeles.



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