“Box” Hitting Film Festivals


The film opens on a man who has just committed accidental murder after disposing of the body the man rushes home to find an eerie large wooden Box on his door step.frightened yet intrigued the tired man reluctantly carries the Box inside where he continues to have frightening visions is he going insane ? is it his conscience telling his something ? Not knowing who might have put it there or why, his only chance to escape from this nightmare is to open the mysterious box and prepare for what’s inside. Shockingly twisted and stunningly accomplished, BOX transcends the man mentality, pushing the boundaries of extreme indie cinema in ways that will surprise and thrill fans of the genre.

Starring,co produced by Jimmy Dempster (Devious Maids,Swamp Murders,One Night Of Fear,The Originals)

Also, just added to the cast is Kylie Szymanski from The Walking Dead

Box will hit festivals everywhere before releasing on demand spring 2017


Teaser: https://www.facebook.com/boxmovie2017


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