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Satori is desperate to win back his ex girlfriend, Star. He tries to summon a demon to command its help, but manages to bring Lilith, queen of the demons, into his bedroom, unleashing her on Earth. Lilith seduces Star and takes her on a wild murder spree that culminates in Scotland. Can Satori save Star and himself or will Lilith destroy them both? With stunning art by Anna Prashkovich, this graphic novel adaptation of Carmilla Voiez’s novel Starblood is a treat for mature audiences.

And stunning art it is. Check out these awesome images from the graphic novel accompanied by some of the terrific reviews


“A fascinating tale of love, magic, lust and destruction.”

“A must read for any lover of erotica, horror and fiction!”


WOW!! This graphic novel blew my mind! Graphic is a brilliant word to describe Starblood, because it was indeed graphic– and I loved it!! If you think of graphic novels as comics, buy this, read it and and have your mind changed.. A wicked story line, which kept me totally interested, awesome graphics which kept me enthralled.. Magic and horror an awesome mix and Carmilla Voiez got it spot on!”


Starblood is an exciting and gripping novel that you won’t want to put down.”

“this graphic novel was wonderful to read and see the beautiful graphics has made this one of my favorite books.”


“The novel is brimming with three-dimensional characters, thoroughly unsettling death scenes, and equally ‘uplifting‘ sex scenes. Ms. Voiez’s prose is so dreamlike it defies description, reminding me of Clive Barker and Graham Masterton at their best. By the time you finish the last page, you’ll never forget the odyssey Satori takes to reclaim his lover from the grasp of Lilith. I give this Five Stars…only because that’s the limit. Do yourself a literary favor and get this novel. You won’t regret it.”


“I tried to savour this story, however once I started I couldn’t put it down! The beautiful illustrations helped to paint a vivid imagery of a story full of magic, horror, violence, sex and love.”

“It is exciting and wicked, and is an overall great read. Voiez writes effortlessly, and captures you from the beginning.”


Starblood is dark and the magic, sex, and violence will seduce you leaving you wanting more, and wanting to save some for later all at the same time. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys things on the darker side of life.”

“Rarely do I find a book that draws me in from the first page. Starblood did all of this, and kept me breathless with excitement. It is a ferocious page-turner from beginning to end.”


“This is a beautiful work of art. Incredibly Gothic to match its plot, with writing that can be compared to Edgar Allan Poe, for its typical Gothic nature, and is so Stephen King in places, it’s great!

“A powerful and almost Shakespearian tale of tragedy, desire, lust and love.”


“A genius work of contemporary fiction. Should become a future Horror classic. Highly recommend *****

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About the Author

Carmilla Voiez writes extreme horror. She lives in North East Scotland with her two children, tom cat, and a poet, by the sea and finds inspiration in the wildlife, castles and desolate places that surround her. Her novels “The Ballerina and the Revolutionary” and “The Starblood Trilogy” are available for Kindle and in paperback. Carmilla’s short stories can be found in a number of anthologies, including “Slice Girls,” “Klarissa Dreams” and “Hope and Love Anthology.” Her imagery harks back to the writings of Clive Barker and H P Lovecraft, but her voice is uniquely female. A varied diet of feminism and activism, a deep love of horror and a fascination with the Goth aesthetic created the creature of darkness we find today. Her books are both extraordinarily personal and universally challenging. As Jef Rouner of Houston Press once said – “You do not read her books, you survive them.”

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