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And what’s the word for the fear of clowns

Our story revolves around Sarah, a 27-year-old welder and artist, who recently broke up with her longtime boyfriend and moved into a new loft without him. She is starting a new chapter of her life, but continues writing her part in the roller derby team that she has been with for the past 5 years. Sarah was the one who walked away from her ex after she cheated on him. He still pines for her, but she knows that ship has sailed. She has always been strong like that. When it’s done, it’s done.

One night, after derby practice, Sarah says goodbye to her teammates and makes her way home alone. On her way, she notices a fully dressed clown standing on the side of the road holding balloons and waving to her. Driving several city blocks further, she sees another clown while at a stop sign. The clown sees her and starts walking briskly towards her, waving and clapping. She guns it out of there, leaving the clown jumping up and down in her rearview mirror.

Unsettled, she hastily makes her way to the industrial loft building she now calls home. Once inside, she bolts the door, checks her newly furnished space for anything odd and then settles in. She looks for the cat that has been coming around the past few weeks for milk, but it’s not there tonight.


Pulling her sweaty derby gear off, she jumps in the shower to relax for the night. After the shower, she puts on a kettle of tea, but notices something has changed. The tea pot sits on the counter, not the stovetop like usual.

A knock on her door distracts her. Who is knocking this late at night? She makes her way to the peep hole and peers into the hallway only to find a fully dressed circus clown holding balloons and grinning from ear to ear with wide eyes while he bounces with a childlike giddiness.

What does he want? Where did he come from? And where are his clown friends from the streets?!?!?!!

Sarah will find the answers to all of these questionswhether she wants to or not!


Directed and written by: Blair Franklin

Produced by: Jeff Thieme


Blair and Jeff talk about why they want to make this film…

“We want to make a creepy horror short film about CLOWNS! As lifelong horror fans, we are endlessly frustrated with how clowns are depicted in horror films. Clowns are usually shown as monstrous, yellow-eyed, sharp-fanged, dirty-haired, clawed up clowns in so many horror films, but the truly creepy circus clowns like Pennywise that infect your nightmares with their overly active smiles, sing-songy voices and exaggerated gestures.


No clowning around, please CLICK THE PIC and help them bring these scary clowns to horror fans

There are plenty of awesome rewards available to you in return for your pledge to this campaign such as,

DVD of the film

Exclusive behind the scenes videos, photos and blogs as we move through production, post-production and film festivals

-A personalized creepy video greeting to one of your friends or family so that you can send it to them and thoroughly creep them out

-Become an Executive Producer on the film, and get the screen credit & IMDB credit


Visit Night of the Clowns on Kickstarter for more information including…

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Background on the filmmakers

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