“Dark Tales From Channel X” Web Series


Mass Grave Pictures, producers of Blood Slaughter Massacre and The Attack Of The Brain People, brings you a new anthology web series to scratch that Halloweeny itch; Dark Tales From Channel X.

A man who speaks in riddles, simply called ‘The Viewer,’ collects various stories of the unknown and the macabre. His first dark tale, Sleepless, concerns a man who is tormented in his home at night, by a dark presence.

Dark Tales will feature short films produced by Mass Grave Pictures presented in an anthology format, each episode ranging from 5 to 15 minutes. Mass Grave will release two episodes in October and two in November, one of which will be the extended cut (previously only seen in festivals) of their infamous body-horror short film “M Is For Mastectomy.”
Episodes will be made available via our Vimeo (https://vimeo.com/channels/1066063), and YouTube channels (https://www.youtube.com/mercy1313) as well as on the Mass Grave Pictures website, www.massgravepictures.com

You can view the first episode, and a teaser for episode 2 here: http://www.massgravepictures.com/darktales/

About Mass Grave Pictures:
We are an independent horror film production company, based out of Queens, NY. Our first film “Blood Slaughter Massacre,” a tribute to 80’s slasher films, is available on DVD and VOD through Wild Eye Releasing. “The Attack Of The Brain People,” an Ed Wood-meets-Night Of The Living Dead Creature Feature, is available via Vimeo OnDemand. We are currently in post-production on our latest feature film, “Theta States,” starring Thomas Ryan and Erin Brown.

You can find Mass Grave Pictures on Halloween weekend at Chiller Theater alongside Actress, Writer & Sculptress Deana Demko, in Parsippany, NJ.

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