Sunday Scares: “Santa”


Today’s Sunday Scares feature is about a much different version of Santa…


“SANTA” is a Christmas-themed, short horror film with a different spin on the lore of Santa Claus. It revolves around two young children who are awake in their beds on Christmas Eve, hoping to catch a glimpse of Santa when he arrives. But when he does arrive… they find that he is not the loving, bearded, jolly old man they’ve come to expect…


With a brief running time of 90 seconds, “SANTA” tries to balance the mystic Christmas mood with the imagery and tension of the horror genre.


It is directed by brothers Dionysis & Manos Atzarakis and was filmed in Greece on a rough budget of 200 Euros. It would be a tremendous honor for us should you wish to share our film with your audience!


You can find out more about the film on Facebook, and IMDB!

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