Autumn Bluffs- Pilot Episode Streaming Now


Suburban Skies Pictures Debuts 90s Teen Drama Parody Perfect for Halloween

A love letter to 90s teen dramas like Dawson’s Creek, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Beverly Hills 90210, Autumn Bluffs is the story of four precocious “teens” coming of age in a quiet autumnal town, dealing with raging hormones, the upcoming Homecoming dance, and a sudden infestation of mummies.

Inspired by the likes of Garth Merenghi’s Darkplace and Check it
Out! With Dr. Steve Bruhl, Autumn Bluffs embraces the mistakes,
awkwardness, and dated references of an underfunded 1990’s
television pilot – glitchy VHS editing, a boom operator that can’t
stay out of the shot, actors reading off cue-cards, and continuity
run-amok. It’s an absolute disaster, exactly as intended!

The Suburban Skies team embraced densely over written dialog,
a hyped up melodramatic soundtrack, “teen” actors pushing into
their 30s, and littered the whole thing with references to the best
and worst of The WB era.

Suburban Skies Pictures has made the entire half-hour pilot
episode of Autumn Bluffs available for free streaming as of
Thursday. October 27th, 2016.



Join Shawn, Trotter, Arianne and Winter as they deal with all the trouble of adolescence – raging hormones, mummy attacks, and the first days of high school – in this hilarious, nostalgia filled fall comedy perfect for the Halloween weekend!

About Writer/Director Marc Wilkinson
Marc Wilkinson is a filmmaker from the cornfields of Illinois. When not writing and directing, he enjoys making music, finger painting, and exploring wooded glens. After directing dozens of short films and music videos, Wilkinson made his debut feature with the YouTuber coming-of- age drama Sunset Rock. He drinks an amount of black coffee that has been described as “stupid” and is known to get emotional when thinking about outer space.

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