Wax on Water Release Short Horror Film ‘Lachrimae’ to Tease the Release of Debut Album ‘Procession’

The film pays homage to classic horror movies: can you spot the references?


Featuring music from the debut album Procession from Wax on Water, which is available digitally on 11th November 2016 with a special vinyl edition due January 2017.

“If you love Nine Inch Nails’ mainman Trent Reznor’s side-project How To Destroy Angels, you’ll like The electro-stylings of Camden newbies Wax on Water” Kerrang!

“Wax on Water has arrived and you cannot escape from their psyched-out, industrial wrath.” Circles & Soundwaves

Having a penchant for the darker side of life, Wax on Water (aka Maya Fire) wanted to introduce her debut album Procession in a non-traditional way. With the album being ready for release around Halloween she decided to combine her love of film and music to create a truly unique piece.

A former winner of the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge album competition, Maya co-wrote and starred in the horror short LACHRIMAE which pays homage to the classics of the genre as well as some modern favourites. Horror and rock fans will delight in spotting the obvious and the more subtle references in addition to the most renowned and cult movies, whilst the soundtrack teases songs from Wax on Water’s album Procession.

Wax on Water’s debut album is released digitally on 11th November 2016 when answers on which films are featured in the short film will be revealed through the Facebook & Twitter pages for Wax on Water.

From the opening anthemic onslaught of An Army, to ethereal tracks such as Innate and the eponymous Procession, the album journeys through seven intense and lyrically driven, electro-grunge original rock tracks that will haunt you.

“The motivation behind the album was to create something visceral and aurally descriptive of where I was mentally” says songwriter Maya. “I had reached a place where anger and fear were starting to distort my inner self and I was starting to lose a sense of hope for any kind of desirable future, so Procession was about creating a gateway back to myself.”

“The album deals with dissolution, reckoning and rebuilding; one of the definitions of Procession is ‘the act of coming forth from a source’, as well as describing forward movement and this represented that time of exploration – both personally and creatively,” she adds.

Maya’s songwriting draws influence from Grunge and Industrial giants Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, Nirvana, Hole and Soundgarden. Her songwriting sound came to life with her moving to Camden and the inevitable influence of its world famous Rock ‘n’ Roll streets. Maya describes the overall production of the album as a ‘Camden Sound’ – she explains: “Camden’s down ‘n’ dirty attitude is a great backdrop to work against. The streets are alive and unruly and it informs the character of my songs – I like dramatic strings, distorted guitars and beats & lyrics which reflect the beautiful, chaotic and ugly things that I see around me and inside myself.”

Wax on Water has built a grass roots following through social media & gigs and have amassed an impressive 30,000+ fans on the Facebook page alone, from as far afield as Australia, Japan, Germany and South America, as well as the USA and the UK.


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