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The never-ending war between good and evil rages! When the breathtakingly beautiful Mikhaeli Lanaova wanted a better life, she never imagined that it would be at the expense of countless lives. Cristof Blutherz, a man of the cloth, wanted to change a corrupt world and that same corruption changed his life forever. Born out of distain and evil, the Order of Twelve, the original vampires, were cursed to walk the earth forever. They were the scourge of humanity until the Council of the Light, a secret holy army, vowed to rid the world of their evil presence. Centuries later, Council of the Light warriors, led by Christopher Bloodheart, battle an evil and seductive vampire queen as she attempts to obtain mysterious vampire tomes. Within these tomes are the secrets to becoming a more powerful vampire. Her quest hides a secret nefarious plot which could destroy the Council of the Light.


“This was a very fun and enjoyable book to read. Very will written! What a great story!

“This isn’t your usual vampire story. In Blood Reign, the vampires enjoy blood margaritas, massage chairs and lavender bubble baths when they’re not ripping out throats or severing limbs. The hero is an ancient priest turned vampire who drinks holy water to combat his bloodlust. In an interesting twist, the story reveals that several of history’s most infamous occurrences have been part of the secret ongoing battle between vampires and humans. Sure, these vampires still hate religious symbols and burn in the sun, but the way they were born and multiplied is different and interesting. Plus, blood slushies! Check it out.”

“For less than the price of a tallboy energy drink, you can treat yourself to Blood Reign, by Harvey W. McCarthy. It is an engrossing tale that gets a little gross, which is perfect for a story about vampires engaging (or is that engorging?) in a reign of terror on this side of the invention of the combustion engines’ invention. In other words, this is not another tired old tale of Victorian-era vital fluid siphoners. It is set in a time when creatures of the night such as these are dismissed as figments of superstitious ramblings by poorly educated villagers in times where “bless you” was spake to ward off the demons coming out of ones nose in a sneeze. In BLOOD REIGN, they walk among us. If you’re a fan of any of the more updated vampire offerings of the last several years, you owe it to yourself to buy this book. At $1.99, it is an absolute steal.”


Check out what author Harvey McCarthy had to say about how this story came to be in an interview with Vampire Forums

“I never had any plans on every writing a vampire novel. In fact, I was working on a completely different story when I had the following conversation with a friend:
“I want you to write me a vampire seductress story,” she stated.
“Um what?” I asked.
“You will write me a vampire seductress story with the vampire named Michelle,” she stated.
“These aren’t the droids we’re looking for,” I retorted.
“I said..”
“Oh alright.”
Therefore, I wrote 2-3 pages in a word document and sent it off to her just to get her to leave me alone about it. Well, she then read it and said, “I want more.” Another blurb later, she asked, “What is the story behind both characters?” Again, to get her to let me write my other story, I wrote some brief parts of what is now Blood Reign.
Ironically, the other work is still in progress.”

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About Harvey McCarthy

Harvey W. McCarthy was born in Springhill, Nova Scotia, Canada. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in 1993 (Mount Saint Vincent University) and a Bachelor of Education in 1996 (University of New Brunswick), he returned to his home town where he worked in the public school system until 2002. In December 2002, he immigrated to the United States and settled near Denver, Colorado where he still resides today. With the support of his family and his co-workers in Denver Parks & Recreation, he worked on his first novel, Demon Rising: The Black Lotus Chronicles – Volume 1, for over four years.

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