5 Days Left in Werewolf Movie “Betsy” Crowdfunding Campaign

There are only 5 days left to donate to the Betsy campaign on Indiegogo! Betsy is the new werewolf feature from writer/director Shawn Burkett, director of Don’t F*ck in the Woods.

Synopsis: The story follows a young woman Betsy (Ayse Howard) who has been making a living as an escort in order to start a new life, far away from the city. Everything seems to be going in the right direction until one fateful night when things get out of hand. Betsy blacks out, only to awake covered in blood next to her dead client, who has been torn apart.

Fleeing the state, and her personal skeletons, Betsy throws herself into a new life she attempts to build. A new town. New friends. A fresh start. However, once she meets Sam (Josh Miller) something begins clawing its way into her new life.

Betsy (Ayse Howard) – The Sleeping Soul / Don’t Fuck In The Woods

Sam (Josh Miller) – Scum / Appelcart / Primordial / CarousHELL

Kayte (Marylee Osborne) – Babysitter Massacre / Primordial / Dark Iris

Colin (Joe Kidd) – Scarewaves / Undying Love / Haunter House on Sorrity Row

Dusty (Justin Beahm) – Demonica / Silk / No Solicitors / Dead Bounty

Writer/Director: Shawn Burkett – After being raised by his grandfather and spending most of their days watching the old Universal monster films, it has been a lifelong dream to make films.

Producer: Chris Gierowski is an Emmy award winning television news photojournalist/editor. He has always wanted to make films after reading a book by director Lloyd Kaufman as a kid. He has gone on to make and produce several shorts and even produced the multi-award winning, all-puppet, horror-comedy HEAD with Elmwood Productions.

Concept Media Films: Concept Media Films has been making indie films since 2011. With each film, we grow technically and mentally. Genre of films primarily involve suspense/thriller but really any subgenre of horror. Betsy is our 6th feature film, and Shawn’s 4th. With every production we set the bar higher and higher.

Indiegogo Fundraiser: https://igg.me/at/betsy/x

Facebook: www.facebook.com/betsyfilm

Concept Media: www.conceptmediallc.com

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