Pray Lied Eve 2 Now Available

On the heels of the recent Memento Mori reprint of the horror tale ‘Tapestry’, the new short horror collection Pray Lied Eve 2: Further Tales of the Untoward has just been released by Canadian author Lydia Peever.

Both the Kindle and paperback are available, and if you get the physical copy, you can then get the e-book free thanks to the new Kindle Match deal. So check it out, leave a review on Goodreads, amazon or your blog or wherever you like, and make sure to share the book with your horror loving friends.

You can find the listing here:
Find more on Lydia’s author page:

Lydia has been featured many times on the award-winning horror fiction podcast, The Wicked Library. The first volume of Pray Lied Eve contained the story that remains the top download there, and Pray Lied Eve 2 has ‘The Ringer’ which was a crowd favorite at their Wicked Live-brary Halloween event in Pittsburgh in 2016.

Horror, weird tales, quiet stories of the supernatural… call them what you will, these six stories serve as a following to the first three dark offerings of Pray Lied Eve. This second installment is longer and delves more deeply into realms perhaps best left undisturbed. Sadness, thoughts of revenge, scenes of torture; many people find themselves exploring these things alone so Pray Lied Eve will offer to be your guide.

You can find Lydia on her author page,, twitter and facebook all under the unlikely handle of typicallydia. Typical, indeed.

From ‘About The Stories’ in Pray Lied Eve 2

The Ringer was written for and read aloud at the Wicked Library’s Halloween special. You can download or listen to the episode read by author, friend, madman and the voice of The Librarian himself Nelson W. Pyles. Thank you to Nelson and Dan for being such tremendous support to not only me but countless other authors crawling from their basements. I’m proud to be in the Wicked Library Holding Pen among you all. Please give a listen.

Jack And The Box had bounced around in my head after seeing a prompt for carnival stories. It took a year to take shape and by then that submission call had come and gone. It likely would not have fit in that particular box anyhow.

Midway Park was written for a Halloween anthology, as was Hopscotch Halloween . Both have elements I will revisit someday−the child’s game and the park built over mass graves−as they are just too fun to pass up.

As Is, Where Is was written most recently. Most of the dead people’s things are still around the house somewhere.

Widow’s Wake was written the night before reading it at the first Rue Morgue Dark Carnival Sic Fic competition. While not entirely fictional, I wish it were. The story had written itself over and over in my mind for a decade and I am very pleased to have it out.

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