‘White Slaves of K-Town’ Available Now on Amazon!

Banned in Japan! And soon many places elsewhere! The film that is shocking censor boards worldwide, is now available to rent or own on Amazon.com, and soon will be everywhere on DVD. Critics agree; White Slaves of K-Town is by far the filthiest horror film of our generation, the Pink Flamingos of 2017. This is not just a movie, this is real life, for thousands of missing girls!

On a shady side-street in Koreatown, a diabolical woman (Dawna Lee Heising) lures in beautiful homeless girls, junkies, speed freaks, illegal aliens, and the average ex-high school prom queen, simply down on her luck. It is in this deadly house of shame that these new victims will be enslaved, and sold on the flesh market. These once innocent young girls will be drugged and loaned out to the next sordid john, who’ll pay handsomely for 60 minutes of far out fetishes and demeaning pleasure. Seventeen different women, tortured seventeen different ways! See the psychopath who only gets hot from pink bismuth, poured all over an unsuspecting helpless girl. See mammogram electric shock therapy, to its fullest potential.

This devastating story has many layers of pure macabre. A heist of a rare painting takes us on a stunning journey throughout the seedy streets of Europe, from one brothel to the next, to find out what is going on and where, and most importantly… How bad are these girls being used and abused for profit? They’ll be made to suffer from the maddest ways imaginable. Will they survive? Shot in Koreatown over a five year period to capture the authenticity, the blood-soaked realism.

Stars Andy Dick as Chief of Police, Dawna Lee Heising, Diana Prince, Joan Apperson, Adam Trash, Anthony Usewicz, Ashlyn Thompson and featuring many more very talented boys and girls. A decadent display of bloodshed!

White Slaves of K-Town is the directorial debut of Felicity Yeung, whose grandmother was an extra in many long lost silent horror films of the 1920s.

See the trailer! See the film! You’ll never again be so terrified, intrigued or shocked by such a picture! You must see this film to believe it. The sex slave ring is real, and a growing problem. Let this once-in-a-lifetime motion picture educate you and your loved ones, so that we might join together and make a stand! Sign the petition! Allow this film to be shown, worldwide! Learn the real horrors of sex trafficking. It’s going on right under our very noses. The disturbing proof is… White Slaves of K-Town. A Hank E. Panky Production.

WARNING: Adults Only. This film contains graphic nudity, disturbing images, explicit torture and a real fetus being aborted. Viewer discretion is advised.



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