The Early Works of Goremaster Marcus Koch are on Display in SRS Cinema’s New Year Bluray Release!

First ever release of this never before seen shorts!

SRS Cinema is proud to bring you the early works from a shot on video pioneer and maybe the best underground special effects artist in the business, Marcus Koch (“100 Tears”, “American Guinea Pig” series)!

“The Early Films of Marcus Koch” focuses on two early shot on video motion pictures from him, “White Massacre” and “Lunchmeat”. It also features three additional shorts from 1986-1992 and raw footage from another unfinished feature as bonus extras.

Synopsis: “Two early tales of horror from the man of nightmares, Marcus Koch! First up, “White Massacre”. Luther Edward Baxtor escapes from a mental asylum, and stalks a group of kids hanging out while their parents are away. Then stay tuned for “Lunchmeat”. A man kills and eats people and and his friends have no idea until he falls in love with a girl and decides he wants to show her his cooking skills.”

This new bluray (on BD-R’s professionally run and silk screen labeled by Discmakers) is limited to just 100 copies and is shipping now (over half sold out during our presale event for the release). Grab your copy at, and check out the trailer @

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