“Recommended to all horror lovers!”…

Kaia is haunted by fingerprints marring the basement door. No matter how hard she scrubs, they return day after day. The only things in the cellar are old Halloween decorations, and she double checks, everyday.

Connor has sighted the most miraculous and mysterious thing in his life. Either no one else can see them, or no one believes it. Ice balls larger than a fist smash to the ground regularly. When the church bells ring just right, another one falls.

Laurel knows animals can talk. Sometimes they ask her to do things. One will explain why they have always been drawn to her. By that time, she has grown and so have they; into hideous demons with terrible demands.

Three tales of fear, confusion and hopelessness…

These horror, weird tales, stories of the supernatural have gotten terrific reviews:

Pray Lied Eve is a great, riveting book. I loved the close-up on each character and the very simple, ordinary premises that slowly rises to a higher, scarier level. I should also mention Lydia Peever’s writing style, fast paced and running forward, as if in perfect sync with every move of her characters. It really pulls you into the story… and won’t let go of you. Recommended to all horror lovers!

PRAY LIED EVE is a three story anthology of horror that delivers.

Big time in fact.

The author of NIGHTFACE returns with this short, yet totally satisfying small anthology with three of the creepiest stories I’ve read in a while.”

“In a word: creepy.”

“There’s a lot to love in these stories.”

Creepy and subtle, these stories get under your skin.”

You can get these creepy stories at:


And after you finish those amazing stories, start reading the brand new stories in…

Short tales of confusion, fear, and hopelessness.

Horror, weird tales, quiet stories of the supernatural… call them what you will, these six stories serve as a following to the first three dark offerings of Pray Lied Eve. This second installment is longer and delves more deeply into realms perhaps best left undisturbed. Sadness, thoughts of revenge, scenes of torture; many people find themselves exploring these things alone so Pray Lied Eve will offer to be your guide.

Have your mirror image ruined, and all sense of safety in your home with The Ringer. Explore the madness of the carnival after dark with Jack and the Box. Halloween Hopscotch sounds fun, but when everyone knows what you’ve done… or simply ignore the atrocities of the past and visit Midway Park. Witness nightmares come alive during the Widow’s Wake, and then leave it all As Is, Where Is.

Author Lydia Peever talks about her stories…

The Ringer was written for and read aloud at the Wicked Library’s Halloween special. You can download or listen to the episode read by author, friend, madman and the voice of The Librarian himself Nelson W. Pyles. Thank you to Nelson and Dan for being such tremendous support to not only me but countless other authors crawling from their basements. I’m proud to be in the Wicked Library Holding Pen among you all. Please give a listen.

Jack And The Box had bounced around in my head after seeing a prompt for carnival stories. It took a year to take shape and by then that submission call had come and gone. It likely would not have fit in that particular box anyhow.

Midway Park was written for a Halloween anthology, as was Halloween Hopscotch. Both have elements I will revisit someday- the child’s game and the park built over mass graves– as they are just too fun to pass up.

As Is, Where Is was written most recently. Most of the dead people’s things are still around the house somewhere.

Widow’s Wake was written the night before reading it at the first Rue Morgue Dark Carnival Sic Fic competition. While not entirely fictional, I wish it were. The story had written itself over and over in my mind for a decade and I am very pleased to have it out.”

An early reviewer had this to say about her writing…

“The short stories contained within are incredibly thoughtful, running the gamut from shocking and horrifying to mournful (with even a slight touch of morbid glee to be had). This is a writer who understands her characters and what motivates people, choosing to focus on what is going on inside and underneath, and not just the stuff we say. Not a single wasted word, nor an underdeveloped line. Some of the stories are Halloween-themed, and just as we like to pull out the old horror film classics every October 31st, I will now be adding some light reading to the day’s festivities, going forward! A beautiful book containing a haunting collection of stories that are great “as is, where is”, but each could even be developed into something even bigger.”

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About author Lydia Peever:

Lydia Peever is a horror author and journalist from Ontario, Canada. She is a big fan of horror music, books and film–so anywhere there is blood, you will probably find her lurking somewhere in the corner.

Her short stories have appeared in Postscripts To Darkness, Dark Moon Digest, For When The Veil Drops and her small collection, Pray Lied Eve and it’s sequel Pray Lied Eve 2. The follow up to her first novel Nightface has also been written.

In her spare time, she helps update the new releases section of the Horror Writers Association website, photographs zombie walks or bloody punk rock bands, and records a few podcasts on the Dead Air podcast.

For more information about ‘Pray Lied Eve 2,’ and Lydia Peever, please visit:

You can visit her author page at:

Listen to the Dead Air podcast at:

And don’t forget to find her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

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