Mothman Production Stills Released Ahead of Kickstarter Final Day

The Mothman of Point Pleasant Production Stills Released Ahead of Successful Crowdfunding Finale

The next two Small Town Monsters films (both slated for release in 2017) are entering their final week of crowdfunding through and have already reached over 200% of their initial goal. The production company has just released the first batch of production stills to accompany the finale of the campaign. They include eerie looks at the town of Point Pleasant as well as the famed “TNT area” where initial sightings of the titular monster occured. Director, Seth Breedlove notes that the crew came away from Point Pleasant with a treasure trove of interviews, including previously-unreleased audio taped sit-downs with witnesses who have passed away and otherwise would never have been able to speak on the subject. The film will contain more original witness representations than any previous documentary on the case.

The campaign will wrap up on Saturday evening at 6:58 pm EST. Among the rewards included in the campaign are t-shirts, posters and a Mothman statue by Jean St. Jean which is being produced by CreatuReplica. Jean St Jean has just posted the first, updated look at the in-production statue which is included in the Kickstarter as a variant exclusive. Proceeds from the campaign are going toward archival footage and post production costs on “Mothman” and equipment and transportation costs for the in-development “Invasion”. Invasion on Chestnut Ridge takes a wide-ranging look at the history of bizarre happenings along the infamous Chestnut Ridge in Pennsylvania. Beginning with the Kecksburg UFO crash in 1965 and bringing viewers through history to the present day, the film begins production in early Summer.

The Mothman of Point Pleasant Details a thirteen month span of time that kicked off in November of 1966 with the first sightings of a bizarre, winged, man-like creature in the small town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia and ended in 1967 with the collapse of the Silver Bridge, the film takes an in-depth chronological look at the case. Featuring numerous interviews with original witnesses, film promises to be a thoroughly terrifying account of an event that stretched the boundaries of belief. The film will have its big-screen premiere at the Mothman Festival this September.

The previous Small Town Monsters films include Minerva Monster, Beast of Whitehall, and Boggy Creek Monster. Brandon Dalo produced the first three films and acts as composer for the forthcoming “Mothman” and “Invasion” films while Seth Breedlove writes, produces and directs. Lyle Blackburn is executive producing The Mothman of Point Pleasant while Zac Palmisano is director of photography.

Visit the official Small Town Monsters store for DVD copies of the films or search for them on Amazon, Vimeo OnDemand, and soon, iTunes and Google Play.

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