Run As Fast As You Can…

A young woman’s friends are killed one by one as she is being stalked by an entity know as The Pumpkin Man.

Starring: Alex Oechsel, Jeff Rhodes, Micheal Keihn, Stephen Foxworthy, Jorge Flores, Kayla Mapes, Ben Carter, and Ryan Sheets

Directed by: Ryan Sheets

Written by: Jeff Rhodes & Ryan Sheets

Edited by: Ryan Sheets


And for those who haven’t seen the first two films in the series, check them out below…

Run run as fast as you can, better beware of The Pumpkin Man…

Starring: Olivia Koukol, Jeff Rhodes, Michael Keihn, and ErinFoltz

Directed by: Ryan Sheets

And part 2…

Be careful what you create, it might come back to haunt you…

Starring: Ryan Sheets, Young Squire, Micheal Keihn, Alex Oechsel, and Ben Carter

Directed and written by: Jeff Rhodes

Assistant director: Ryan Sheets

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