Canadian Brutal Death Metal Legends BLOOD OF CHRIST Premiere New Song ‘Echoes From The 7TH Dimension’

BLOOD OF CHRIST (Canada) have reformed after a ten-year hiatus. To mark this occasion, they have recorded a brand new single, conjured up in the form of “Echoes From The 7th Dimension”. The song is from BLOOD OF CHRIST’s forthcoming, as-yet-untitled, full-length album, expected to see the light of day in the fall via CDN Records.

“Echoes From The 7th Dimension” was released via CDN Records on May 8th and can be purchased at all digital retailers.

Let’s take this back to ’94 – amid a boom in brutal Canadian death metal. It was during this time that Northern Hyperblast kings, CRYPTOPSY and KATAKLYSM, began blazing a path of extremity that would go on to impact an entire generation of bands and sub-genres. This was a different time in the realm of brutal death metal. It was a second wave of sorts, with the newer bands taking cues from the godfathers of Brutal Death Metal – bands such as SUFFOCATION, INTERNAL BLEEDING, GORGUTS, etc. As the Quebec scene flourished, so too were there other Canadian bands making a name for themselves across the globe.

Enter Toronto, Ontario’s BLOOD OF CHRIST. Building on the foundations of their brothers in CRYPTOPSY, the guys in BLOOD OF CHRIST brought a unique flair all-their-own, a sound self-described as Epic Dark Metal. With that descriptor as their template, BLOOD OF CHRIST brought brutal to a whole new level of cranial-smashing dankness. In fact, those early days saw BLOOD OF CHRIST sharing the stage with both CRYPTOPSY and KATAKLYSM, on numerous occasions. A literal triumvirate of Brutal Canadian Death Metal – which eventually lead to a cross-Canada tour with KATAKLYSM.

After several critically-acclaimed albums throughout the late 90s and early ’00s, BLOOD OF CHRIST went on hiatus, with members moving onto various projects and ventures. But the story doesn’t end there.


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