JAY BONANSINGA, New York Times bestselling author of ROBERT KIRKMAN’s THE WALKING DEAD: DESCENT says…

Day Zero gets under the reader’s skin quicker than a walker bite! Authentic, terse, economical, surgically precise… a barn-burner that reads like a cross between Tom Clancy and the Marquis de Sade!”

My name is John.

A freak injury ended the only career I ever knew. I stepped off a plane in New England with the hopes of heading home, but a hitchhiking pit stop at a gas station trapped me in an island community when the dead started to reanimate.

The news said it was a plague. I don’t really care. What’s important now is fending off the undead to keep these residents safe. I just don’t know how long we will survive.

Strange things keep happening. The dead are popping up in town. People are disappearing. Human threats loom.

I am only one man.

“If you find yourself binge watching episodes of The Walking Dead or are a fan of movies like 28 Days Later, Day Zero is the book for you. The novel is fast-paced, full of action, and Ingersoll builds the world and characters without having the story drag at any point. Can’t wait for the second book!”

“This is what the horror genre has been missing for years, a fresh and very welcome change for our beloved zombies; let’s just hope this is only the start, because there is a lot more to know in this new universe.”

“It was an easy read (though gripping!) with descriptive, interesting characters. I especially liked the uniqueness of the main character and the twists the story had to offer. A good summer book which I would LOVE to see become a movie! I definitely recommend it. I want more by this author!”

“One of the greatest Zombie Books ever written! This is a must read for every zombie lover.”

“I enjoyed Day Zero from start to finish! Mr. Ingersoll had me totally emerged in a world that I had not ever ventured into before. The many eclectic cultural references added so much color and had me laughing at moments when I should have otherwise been fearing for the characters lives. Looking forward to the sequel!”

“Fans of the Walking Dead will certainly be attracted to this novel that takes a somewhat new approach to zombies. With a good mix of zombies, mystery and more, Ingersoll distinguishes himself as a writer who is able to fully define most of his characters, create an exciting plot line, and generate a good mystery. An easy read with a lot of twists and turns to the story, there is plenty here to keep zombie fans entertained. The character Diggs is particularly fun, and is quite memorable. An intense, dramatic thrill ride from the beginning of the book until the final page, this book will not disappoint. Highly recommend for a light, entertaining book. Looking forward to the next installment in the series.”

If you’re a fan of zombies, or even if you’re not, this book is still for you!

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And that’s not all! The series continues with…

My name is John.

The ghosts of those I failed to protect haunt me. The Gaunt Man, a new persistent hallucination, claws at the cracks of my sanity. I must keep ahead of all of these phantoms. I need to get home, even if it means facing a road full of rotting walkers.

People on the road have chosen to follow me. Can they count on me for their survival or will the knights of a strange new kingdom tear us apart?

Will they be lost to me? Will I be lost to them?

Or will I simply descend into madness and be left as just another of the undead.

“Such a great book! The characters are amazing and the story keeps you interested! The first book was just as good! Can’t wait for the 3rd addition”

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About author Charles Ingersoll

Charles Ingersoll is a Detroit area native who transplanted to New York City for the Great American experience of contributing to the local economy.

A lover of comics, comic cons and cosplay, movies and television, the supernatural and all things undead; writing happened to be a lifelong passion that has become his next personal adventure.

He currently lives on Long Island, New York.

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