Sunday Scares: “The Red Room Curse”

Today’s Sunday Scares feature reminds us about the bad things found while on the internet at night…

A late night on the internet leads to terror for Aaron and Melissa when Aaron accidentally crosses into the DARK side of the net and uncovers a nightmarish curse.

Starring: Ken Anthony II, Yolanda Lynn, and Josh Ball

Directed and written by: Leo Kraska



The Red Room Curse” was shot in two days. All the footage with Ken Anthony II & Yolanda Lynn was recorded on the first filming day and all of the scenes involving Ken Anthony II & Josh Ball were on the second day. The film’s original lead called off the first day of production and Ken Anthony II gladly stepped in to save the production. At a 130$ budget, The Red Room Curse had the largest budget of any Ashen Jackal Film to date.

About Ashen Jackal Films:

Greetings, I am Leo Kraska and this is Ashen Jackal Films. Weird name, huh? Here is the brief version: Ophois is an Egyption Deity that appears as a grey jackal. He is know as “the opener of the ways”. Though in a different manner, that is what we seek to do here. With every film created and every connection made we will open doors that’ll lead to bigger and better productions.

So, what exactly is Ashen Jackal Films? We are active filmmakers who generally spearhead horror films and other genre related content, often with the help of other studios. Not only are we experienced and always improving, but working with us will grow your résumé. Our films are listed on IMDb, entered in film festivals, and easily accessable online. We also help with other people’s projects, but we don’t officially link them to our releases.

Our main focus in production is to create horror films that depict odd and original stories, unlike most found in the genre today. We draw some insperation from Japanese Urban Legends and the storytelling known as Kaidan (怪談) or, loosely translated, “Strange Tales”. While we do not maintain any effort to set our stories in the Edo Period, we do strive to connect with the genre in other ways. What makes Kaidan so unique and interesting is that the scope of these stories can wildly vary from eerie to funny, from just plain odd to mysterous or terrifying. This is the hallmark that we hope to produce.

For more information about “The Red Room Curse,” please visit the official page for the film:

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