Evil Dead 2: The Book of the Thread Launches on Kickstarter

Source Point Press is launching a 30-day Kickstarter campaign June 12th for an officially licensed cross-stitch craft book titled Evil Dead 2: The Book of the Thread. The book features over 20 officially licensed Evil Dead 2 cross-stitch patterns by renowned horror thread artist Rebecca Martz-Burley (aka Demon Monkey Craft), in collaboration with illustrator Teri Heidemeyer. The book’s layout, design and accompanying illustrations are by Joshua Werner, and the book is edited by Werner and Source Point Press Editor- In-Chief Travis McIntire.

Rebecca Martz-Burley of Demon Monkey Craft is known for her horror cross- stitch art, as well as for developing her own custom patterns, which are highly sought after by horror fans and crafters around the world. “I knew that I could do more, but I had to push myself to do a lot better and to think bigger,” says Rebecca. “And this is the fruit of that labor.”

Deadite Henrietta acts as the guide throughout the book, teaching cross-stitch methods and giving tips and tricks in hilarious deadite fashion. The book has designs that range from simple beginner patterns to complex advanced ones. The Kickstarter serves as not only an opportunity to pre-order the book, but also a way to get bonus rewards at different tiers, including bonus horror cross-stitch patterns, digital Source Point Press horror comics, art prints by Werner and Heidemeyer, and even original cross-stitch art pieces by Rebecca Martz-Burley herself.

“When going through our submissions and idea pitches last year we came across Rebecca Martz-Burley’s email,” says Editor-In-Chief Travis McIntire, “and she sent us something really different. After Josh and I saw her work, and we decided to narrow the horror focus down to Evil Dead 2, we got the studio on board and the ball really started rolling quickly from there.”

Source Point Press Art Director Joshua Werner says, “Working with Rebecca has been amazing. Her mind is a factory of great ideas and our love and passion for horror and the Evil Dead franchise intertwined greatly to make a book that we’re really proud of. This book is for the Evil Dead 2 fans. Even if they’ve never done any cross-stitch in their life, they’ll have a blast learning the craft with this book, and creating some badass Evil Dead 2 artwork along the way.”

Source Point Press is a Detroit-based publisher of horror, sci-fi, and mystery comics, books, and graphic novels. Evil Dead 2: The Book of the Thread is their first craft publication. Founded in 2012 by Joshua Werner and Trico J. Lutkins, Source Point Press now find themselves as one of the fastest growing small press publishers in the industry!

Watch the trailer for the Evil Dead 2: The Book of the Thread Kickstarter here: https://youtu.be/WgmYGz6b928

More information can be found at www.SourcePointPress.com,

twitter.com/SourcePtPress and facebook.com/SourcePointPress.

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