New Release: No Mercy by Alessandro Manzetti

No Mercy is ready to purchase and will be published as an eBook and in paperback

Book Synopsis:

From the Bram Stoker Award-winning poet that brought you Eden Underground…

The Lady in Black shows no mercy to anyone; she has cold skin, a job to do, and many lovers on Earth: Despair, Loneliness, Madness, and their soldiers and killers of daily life, armed with blades, hammers, teeth, and illusions. There are strange and bloody stories that tell all about it, if you want to hear them…

Are you sure? Well, you’ve found the right place, but consider that in turning these pages you’ll be thrown forward through time, until you reach the Apocalypse—the last stop.

So, like the Lady in Black, show yourself no mercy—sit down and read these stories, listening to Janis Joplin with a bottle of Southern Comfort cradled in your arm.

Don’t worry, you’ll find both of them inside this book, along with so many other dark pleasures.

“No Mercy offers the reader an extravaganza of bizarre visionary narratives embellished by a veritable cascade of surreal imagery from the pen of a master wordsmith. Recommended to be taken in small doses like a powerful hallucinogenic drug, these poems are as potent and intense as your worst nightmares and wildest dreams. Not for the faint of heart or mind.”—Bruce Boston, SFPA Grandmaster, author of Surrealities.

“Marvelous, powerful work! Manzetti fills his canvases with broken souls –such as Janis Joplin, Frida Kahlo whose lives left footprints in our history. He introduces you to others with Inspiring imagery, giving the reader much to ponder. Simply outstanding, five stars! —Marge Simon, Bram Stoker Award winner

“No Mercy is a must read for anyone who loves Jazz and the blues. Two long poems and three mentions of my favorite Janis Joplin, two references to the great John Coltrane and one of the equally talented Miles Davis. I could almost hear Pearl singing “A Woman Left Lonely” in the background as I read these enchanting but dark and scary nightmares. Alessandro Manzetti is equally talented in prose and poetry. Highly recommended.”—Gene O’Neill

“No Mercy is a journey through time and history on a real/surreal road, rocking and rolling with no pity. Manzetti’s poems inspire a transcendent reality, a dream reality that slips in and out of nightmares; earthscape ruled by sensory overload, soul underload and imagination that melts into hunger for love, life and music. I loved this unearthly and yet strangely familiar meal laid before my eyes.”—Linda D. Addison, award-winning author of “How to Recognize a Demon Has Become Your Friend”​

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