Official Trailer for “Lake of Shadows: Legend of Avocado Lake”

Principal photography has now been completed on Executive producer and story creator Tino Zamora’s Lake of Shadows: Legend of Avocado Lake. Written and directed By Michael S. Rodriguez the film begins with a pair of documentary filmmakers searching for the truth behind a mysterious lake and it’s ever growing death toll. As the team delves deeper into the sinister happenings at the lake they find themselves face to face with the ugly truth about Lake Avocado.

The film is based on a real lake with an actual death toll of 150 and growing each summer.

Starring Robert LaSardo(Human Centipede 3), Felissa Rose(Sleepaway Camp), Marv Blauvelt(Slices of Life) and introducing McKayla Aaron as Gabby

Executive produced by Tino Zamora written and directed by Michael S. Rodriguez

Trailer edit by Junior Gonzalez

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