Destination Desolation Productions is Proud to Introduce the Newest Wave in Horror

Destination Desolation Productions has released its newest short film and is currently, eagerly seeking screenings and reviews for this edgy and unconventional project.

72 Hours is the newest facet of psychological Horror. What would…what could happen to you in 72 HOURS?
Think you’re ready for the zombie apocalypse? Don’t be so sure.
Destination Desolation Productions is known for the strange, the unusual and the macabre and this newest peek into post apocalyptic trauma will not fail to chill.

Andy Van Scoyoc is no stranger to the daring and controversial. A seasoned veteran of Horror and considered a master storyteller, this specialist of ad lib, showcases a different side of her unique skills by starring in this entirely free style short production. Shot in only two takes, with no rehearsal, Andy shows why she is still at the top of her game.

Convincing, raw and completely realistic, 72 HOURS takes new liberties with the zombie genre, combining a found footage and last declaration film that will leave you wondering…if the zombie apocalypse happened, am I ready?

Shot, edited, produced by and starring Andy Van Scoyoc.

Official Film Link:

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