Horror is playing at the Dark House Theater…

Get out the holy water, NYC, because something wicked this way comes. Dark House Theater is “hard at lurk” producing its first full season of bone-chilling horror theater.

Dark House Theater produces smart, scary plays in intimate environments, so the horror can thrive where it belongs, onstage and in your face. We all like that feeling of sitting in a dark theater, watching the masked killer stalk his prey. We’ve experienced the rush of screaming as the door slowly opens behind the unseeing heroine, as a ghostly figure emerges from the darkness.

Now imagine what it would feel like if the monster was more than an image on a screen. Come find out what happens when your worst fears come to life. Our shows will make you hold your date’s hand a little tighter, snuggle up in your seats a little closer, and scream a little louder.

Check out what those working to bring these terrifying stories to life have to say about the Dark House Theater, and what they have in store for their first season…

As you can tell this from the video they couldn’t be more excited to continue what they’ve already started…

Last year, we presented an evening of ghostly campfire tales. This time, we’ll present three shows guaranteed to entertain and thrill our audiences, and hopefully encourage thought and discussion after the lights come back up. 

First up in October is Ryan Sprague’s East In Red, a modern reimagining of Jack the Ripper, set in NYC’s East Village in 1998. Aaron, a quiet and reclusive hairdresser, invites Marie over to his apartment for a date. But it turns out both of them have something else on their minds. One hour will change their lives forever… and maybe your life as well.

In February, we’ll present a diabolical double feature with two short plays that promise to scare you stiff. The Pond by Mat Probasco and Double Double by Emily Bennett. The Pond explores loss, isolation, nightmares, and creeping madness through the twin lenses of musical theater and puppetry. Double Double is a witchy tale of revenge and jealousy.

The Spring production will take on one of horror’s most indelible characters. The title of the show is a surprise, and sure to thrill all those you support the theater!

Meet one of the founders of the Dark House Theater, Brian Williams, and what he has planned for horror fans…

“My name is Brian Williams. With my friend Scot Gianelli, I founded Dark House Theater as the culmination of a lifelong obsession with live theater and horror movies. I now act as Artistic Director of the company. The funds we raise in this campaign will allow us to produce three shows in the next few months, shows that will thrill, delight, and terrify our audiences, which hopefully include you!

Our goal is to grow into a full-time not for profit company. We’re committed to paying our collaborators and artists, and hope to find a permanent physical home where we can eventually offer an annual “Monster Camp” for kids who want to perform, produce, and bring their own terrifying stories to life. Big goals.”

Their campaign is almost over, but every dollar counts! Please click the pic and help bring horror to the stage…

There are plenty of awesome perks available in return for your pledge to this campaign like…

-A ticket to our season-opening show, East in Red

-A ticket to the show of your choosing

-Enjoy a special evening with the Dark House friends, family, cast and crew

-An invite to a special rehearsal 

Visit “The Dark House Theater” on Indiegogo for details including…

-Learn more about their upcoming season

-Videos from the cast and crew 

-A complete list of all the available rewards

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