Brains, an Award-Winning Web Series, Now Distributed by SeekaTV

After being chosen as an Official Selection for the inaugural Minnesota WebFest, Undead Burrito Productions is excited to announce that both seasons of our award-winning web series Brains are now available on SeekaTV, a filmmaker-centric streaming platform.

About Brains

“Brains” is an original web series set after a three year zombie apocalypse on a college campus. 23-year-old Alison Sumner is a neuropsychology student with a zombie as a best friend, who spends her time doing research about the zombie plague and crushing on a fellow student. Alison “vlogs” her quest to seduce her crush as an independent study art project, as well as her life post apocalypse. The first two seasons, which aired between September 2015 and November 2016, are comprised of 30 total episodes. In addition to being featured as an official selection in over twenty film festivals all over the world, Brains won “Best Web Series” at the 2016 Bloody Horror International Film Festival and “Best Original Idea” from the 2017 Spring/Summer Web Series International Trophy. In addition to SeekaTV , you can find both seasons on YouTube and Brooklyn On Demand. Bri Castellini is the creator and writer.

About SeekaTV

From their website, “Seeka is a streaming platform that allows independent filmmakers to more efficiently find their audience, interact with their fans and monetize their content. It encourages viewers to engage in content beyond the show that brought them to the platform and share their viewing experiences across their social networks making the viewer vested in the filmmaker’s success.” SeekaTV and Minnesota WebFest were both founded by George Reese.

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