Charles Pinion’s American Mummy 3D to Screen as Part of Pinion Armageddon!

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Charles Pinion, the director behind the notorious shot-on-video features Twisted Issues, Red Spirit Lake and We Await invades New York for a week’s worth of events to promote his newest feature, American Mummy from Wild Eye Releasing. This one week only east coast appearance by Pinion will include some extremely rare screenings that will be an absolute must for fans of macabre, transgressive and just plain weird cinema!

The events kick off Tuesday September 12th at Alamo Drafthouse in Yonkers, NY, for a special 3-D screening of American Mummy as part of their 3-Delirium series. Then on Friday September 15th head to Superchief Gallery for a night of obscure cuts from Pinion’s sordid back catalogue, including his insanely obscure 1990s adult videos and a very rare screening of the completely uncensored cut of Red Spirit Lake. On Saturday September 16th meet Charles in a more intimate setting at NYC’s Forbidden Planet, where you can grab an autographed copy of Wild Eye Releasing’s Blu-ray or DVD release of American Mummy as well as some other rare Pinion pieces. Then later that night head over to the legendary Cinema Village for a late night screening of American Mummy.

And what would a trip to NYC be without a warm welcome from some of the cities most revered underground artists? Scooter McCrae’s newest short Saint Frankenstein will be supporting both American Mummy screenings and Tommy Turner (who appeared in Pinion’s Red Spirit Lake) will be presenting his little-seen 1985 short The Magician at the Superchief Gallery event.

Tuesday September 12th 9PM

American Mummy presented in 3-D, preceded by Scooter McCrae’s Saint Frankenstein at Alamo Drafthouse in Yonkers, NY. With Charles Pinion and Scooter McCrae in attendance.

*American Mummy’s only NYC area 3D screening!* Two kings of 1990s shot-on-video artsploitation team up to show off their new releases, both super-freaky takes on those old Universal Monsters tropes we know and love. Pinion’s American Mummy is a madcap blood-drenched desert romp that’s loaded with 3D gore effects, and Saint Frankenstein is McCrae’s profoundly creepy short film that asks about the Monster’s current whereabouts. Even Andy Warhol would blush!

Alamo Drafthouse Yonkers
2548 Central Park Ave. Yonkers, NY 10710

Friday September 15th 7PM

“Charley Crow Exposed!” Special program of Pinion’s alleged Adult film career, plus The Magician and Red Spirit Lake UNCENSORED with Charles Pinion and Tommy Turner in attendance!
Time to put the rumors to rest! In the 1990s, Pinion’s alleged alias “Charley Crow”, crafted a slew of Adult videos for Extreme Associates. Don’t miss your only chance to see the specially-abbreviated versions of movies like Apocalypse Babylon, Archer’s Last Day, and of course Cornhole Armageddon. With their alien mind control, zombie assassins, and startling strap-on surprises, these just might be the weirdest Adult movies ever made! Plus The Magician and Red Spirit Lake UNCENSORED!
Superchief Gallery
1628 Jefferson Ave. Queens, NY 11385

Saturday September 16th 7PM

Forbidden Planet and Wild Eye Releasing present: American Mummy release party and signing with director Charles Pinion.
Blu-rays and standard DVDs of American Mummy will be available to purchase, as well as a small amount of limited edition self-released DVDs of Pinion’s earlier films Red Spirit Lake, Twisted Issues and We Await. Also available, the BLOOD VIDEO Charles Pinion issue – get them all signed!

Forbidden Planet
832 Broadway New York, NY 10003

Saturday September 16th 11PM

American Mummy and Saint Frankenstein with Charles Pinion and Scooter McCrae in attendance.

American Mummy screens in 2D, again preceded by Scooter McCrae’s new short Saint Frankenstein- your last chance to catch them on the big screen in NYC. It’s a late night double dose of truly transgressive horror cinema … don’t miss it!

Cinema Village
22 East 12th Street New York, NY 10003

Praise for American Mummy:

“An Aztec EVIL DEAD!”
– Gavin Pitts, CAUSTIC SODA

“The gore scenes are wonderfully over the top!”
– Frank Henenlotter

“A Scooby-Doo episode for adults!”
– Sherri Rickman, Producer, THE MANSON FAMILY

“Splattery gore… an ancient evil… Offbeat spins on genre-convention!”
– Jack Sargeant

“Topless females… horny underdogs… Trashy midnight movie fare!”
– James Durante LETTERBOXD

“We’ve all seen just about every iteration of the Mummy resurrection, but have you ever seen one brought back to life by a gorgeous woman dry humping his withered corpse while chanting ancient American necromancy? …With solid acting, much appreciated practical effects and just the right amount of nudity and campiness, Charles Pinion’s American Mummy is worth a watch.”
– Bradford Jason Belue, The Breat Beludini TNHorror

“[T]he attention to detail in the gore aspect alone was enough to win over even the roughest critics of the genre. The blood, the vomit, the guts, the cuts. So amazingly well done.”
– FearcastJ, FYFC Studios

“Charles Pinion did a great job with this film and the cast really pulled off some insane stuff.”
– Janel Spiegel, HNN

There are a lot of old school gore elements, which should make horror nerds quite happy. American Mummy definitely delivers on its “devil within” premise.”
Adeline Rivera, Sinful Celluloid

“It’s got decent amounts of nudity, fantastic and realistic looking props, and tons of blood splattering gore. It’s all ever so slightly on the edge of B-movie quality, but I think that adds to the allure of it all.”
– MGDSQuan, Horror Society

“The breasts are plentiful but as the movie progresses the gore came out. American Mummy goes from a campy 80’s teen flick to a no budget 80’s horror, where the special effects were made up as needed and on the spot. The film tries to teeter between horror and comedy similar to the Evil Dead.”
– Jason Minton, Without Your Head

American Mummy is a nice change of pace from mummy movies that seem to think popcorn action and CGI overload are more important than making the central monster a lethal stalker.
-Morbidly Beautiful

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