BLOOD RUNS THICK – Official Poster & Teaser Trailer

Director Romane Simon is about to turn the horror world upside down with his new movie, “Blood Runs Thick”

Lucky Strike Films in Associate with Wardours Street pictures and director Romane Simon have released the official theatrical poster and teaser trailer for their brand new movie, Blood Runs Thick.

Synopsis: A beautiful young woman struggles with frightening hallucinations and a crumbling mental state after her husband goes missing.

Cast: Emily Killian (The Chosen, Wet Hot American Summer), Tom Sizemore (Natural Born Killers, Twin Peaks), Matthew Ashford (Days of our Lives, The Bay), Judi Evans (Days of our Lives, The Bay), Alexander Man (Voodoo Retribution, Hybristophilia), Brooklyn Robinson (Throwing Shade, Pineapple), Isaac Rhino Aaron, with Special appearance by Lilian Lev, Anjelika Kaufman-Joyce-JP Joyce, Ewart Chin, Karra Mane, Carolyn Dupree

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Romane Antoine Simon,author of best selling novel (Red to black-the power of love) a young filmmaker connected with this open door to greater creative possibilities in Haiti where each day of his life was met with a storm of political unrest born a political family were his Grandfather was the president of haiti followed by 3 of his uncles it was not easy stepping out of this shadow into creativity. He was determined to get to the place where he could paint his own screen stories and images he hungered for the world to know about.

Romane Simon finally arrived in Hollywood and quickly settled in an area where many young people find it economical for survival. He quickly made himself known among others who had a similar passion for film which resulted in a new world of cinematic magic. His dream took root and before he knew it, he was yelling “ACTION!” And his filmmaking dance began.

This was only a few years ago and Romane has continually directed short and feature films making the industry feel his artistic power and passion for story-telling.

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