“Don’t F*ck in the Woods” Festival Lineup


Concept Media Films/Cyfuno Ventures deal with Gravitas Ventures for the acquisition of all media (worldwide) rights of Don’t F*ck in the Woods with an early 2018 release, has led to more festivals lining up for screenings this fall!

Premiering in NYC last October, DFITW has gone on to play at several festivals and received rave reviews. New screenings include some cast and crew on location for Q&As.

-Oct 7th, Scare-A-Con Film Festival – Verona, NY (2nd NY screening)
-Director Shawn Burkett, Production Coordinator Ryan Stacy
-Oct 20th, Midwest Horror Fest – Logansport, IN (Indiana premiere)
-Director Shawn Burkett, Actress Brittany Blanton, Actor Roman Jossart, Actor Scott Gillespie
-Oct 22nd, Nightmares Film Festival – Columbus, OH (Ohio premiere)
– Director Shawn Burkett
-Oct 25-Nov 8 (day TBD) – Another Hole in the Head Film Festival – San Francisco, CA (West Coast premiere)
-Director Shawn Burkett, Production Coordinator Ryan Stacy, Producer Chris Gierowski

Synopsis: After the stress and mental anguish of finals, Alex and her girlfriend Jane trek with a few friends into the woods for a little rest and relaxation. As the group begins to unwind, something in the dark has discovered a new and intoxication scent.

Meg (Brandy Mason) and Luke (Scott Gillespie) – the overly sexual couple who have been there and done that.
Alex (Ayse Howard) and Jane (Brittany Blanton) – the resident lesbians.
Conor (Brian Cornell) and Lacey (Nadia White) – the basis of the typical jock and cheerleader
Mac (Roman Jossart) – the resident stoner
Parker (Hannah Herdt) the nerdy video store girl

Writer/Director: Shawn Burkett – After being raised by his grandfather and spending most of their days watching the old Universal monster films, it has been a lifelong dream to make films. Following DFITW, he has recently finished his next feature, a werewolf movie titled Betsy.

Producer: Chris Gierowski is an Emmy award winning television news photojournalist/editor. He has always wanted to make films after reading a book by director Lloyd Kaufman as a kid. He has gone on to make and produce several shorts and even produced the multi-award winning, all-puppet, horror-comedy HEAD with Elmwood Productions.

Concept Media Films: Concept Media Films has been making indie films since 2011. With each film, we grow technically and mentally. Genre of films primarily involve suspense/thriller but really any subgenre of horror.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DFITW/
Concept Media: www.conceptmediallc.com
Gravitas Ventures: www.gravitasventures.com
Cyfuno Ventures: https://cyfuno.com/

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