Exclusive Interview with “COLD MOON” Director Griff Furst

Arriving October 6 on VOD and in select theaters, Cold Moon is the story of a murder victim who seeks vengeance – via her new ghostly firm – for her death. We got the 411 on the film from its helmer, Griff Furst.

-PH: Can you tell us a little bit about Cold Moon?

-Griff: It’s a supernatural vengeance story that you won’t forget.

-PH: And it’s based on a book?

-Griff: Yes. A very good one. You can get the audio book on Audible.

-PH: It’s being marketed as coming from the pen of the gent that wrote Beetlejuice and The Nightmare Before Christmas – but I imagine it’s a vastly different film?

-Griff: Michael McDowell wrote a lot of different things, but you can feel him in everything. After reading all of his novels and being intimate with his screenwriting. It all feels similar

-PH: If you had to compare it to a couple of other movies, what might they be?

-Griff: Beetlejuice and Psycho

-PH: Is it fair to say there’s a bit of Twin Peaks in there, too?

-Griff: You might if for no other reason then it is the same time period

-PH: When was it shot?

-Griff: Winter 2015

-PH: Were the locations easy to get a hold of? Are you local to that area?

-Griff: Nothing is easy when you make a movie. But I was lucky enough to have a partner on this one. Isaiah LaBorde is from the area and he knows everyone. He hooked up all the locations.

-PH: Anything you would’ve liked to have accomplished with the movie but didn’t?

-Griff: I made what I wanted to make. The level of accomplishment rests in the hands of the movie fans.

-PH: What are the strengths of the movie, in your opinion?

-Griff: Acting directing and editing writing cinematography visual effects color correction Sound design. Did I say actors?

-PH: The visuals look super. Props to the DP!

-Griff: Tom Calloway is a veteran. There’s nothing he doesn’t know how to do with the right equipment. If you look him up, you’ll see he has worked on a lot of pictures that you know and love.

-PH: When did you see the first cut of the movie? Has it changed much since?

-Griff: I cut the first edit of the movie myself. That version was two hours and 10 minutes. Our final picture is 90 minutes. We did some test screening and had some really great mentors along the way that helped us condense the story to the best 90 minutes.

-PH: How has the feedback been to the movie?

-Griff: A lot of critics were sent screeners of the movie, and the picture seems to be coming across exactly as we intended it. They have been overwhelmingly positive.

-PH: What’s ahead for you?

-Griff: Lots of really cool stuff. Follow me on Twitter (@GEFURST) or Instagram for updates, and check out cold moon in theaters or at home. Here’s the info.

New York – Cinema Village 
Atlanta – Plaza Theater
Cleveland – Tower City Cinema
Philadelphia – PFS Roxy Theater
Chicago – Facets Cinema
Boston – Apple Cinemas
San Francisco – Roxie Theatre
Denver – SIE Film Center
Miami/S. Florida – Cinema Paradiso

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