Red Cape Black Cape Theatre Presents ‘The Stomaching’


THE STOMACHING – written and directed by Reece Connolly and performed by Red Cape Black Cape – will play on November 3rd and 4th at the Old Red Lion Theatre as part of the London Horror Festival 2017.

The year is 1969. Inflation’s rising, wars are raging. The human race prepares to put a man on the Moon.

At St. Oswald’s Clinic for Advanced Para-Neurosciences, Oxford, human trials of a revolutionary new pill are underway – a drug that could cure fear itself.

For jobbing actress Lucy [Meg Hodgson] and struggling writer Jude [Jack Ridley], the money could change their lives. And for the mysterious Doctor Love [Joshua Young] and Sister Pleasance [Reece Connolly], these might be the guinea pigs they’ve been waiting for.

But the clinic’s experiments mask a hideous truth. There’s sickness in the clinic, madness in the medicine, and a despicable plot edging towards catastrophic climax.

What are the mysterious sounds that haunt the walls? Who does Doctor Love talk to on the telephone at night? And what about Queenie [Hattie Long], the strange old woman kept locked away in a private ward?

One thing’s for sure: Hell has never been so groovy…

From Red Cape Black Cape – the minds behind the ‘wonderfully crazy… throughly unwholesome’ [West End Wilma] LIONS + TIGERS + BEARS and ‘outrageously horrific… terrifyingly funny’ [Broadway Baby] A FISTFUL OF HUNNY – comes a trippy and transcendent tale of the unexpected that mashes up gooey bits siphoned off from various pustules of classic horror fictions to create a new, visceral story in a twilight zone of its own.

Red Cape Black Cape make theatre with added E-numbers. Inspired by pop culture and an increasing self-awareness, we believe art should be accessible and entertaining, challenging and subversive. It should also be sweaty. And very very colourful.


Venue: Old Red Lion Theatre
Dates: November 3rd + 4th
Time: 7pm [1 hour]
Ticket Prices: £9 / £7.50 concessions
Venue box office: 0844 412 4307
Festival website: Recommended 16 +

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