“What a creepy premise! There have always been conspiracy theories about the government experimenting on us, but this takes it to a new level!”

“from beginning to end just…WOW, Excellent read and a MUST read for all horror fans, you will not be disappointed”

“One of the best horror stories I’ve read in a while. Looking forward to reading more by this author.”

“I loved this short story. Reminded me of Stephen Kings The Mist. Chilling and scary enough…”

“This is an awesome story! I can’t believe how much is jam-packed into this wonderful book. I literally had chills as I was reading it. I really enjoyed reading it and would highly recommend it to everyone. You will never be able to look at snow in the same way again.”

“Perfectly narrated to explore the slowly growing horror of a gradually unfolding mysterious disaster, the readers might feel chills creeping out of the snowy pages during their reluctant realization of the extent of the exquisitely described event that changes the world and its inhabitants.”

“I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN. The story is short and unbelievable. It is a GREAT HORROR story.
If you are into horror stories this is one you need to read.”

“Great book – this reminded me of Wayward Pines a tiny bit, which is a compliment because I LOVE those books.”

Tons of 5 star reviews for this awesome book but what’s it about…

When a mysterious blast goes off in a small college town, triggering a blizzard, the few survivors must decide whether to stay or leave and face the monsters who came with the snow.

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Amazon (The book will be free on 10/16/17 on Amazon)


Christopher Coleman lives in Maryland with his wife and two children. He received his degree in English Literature from the University of Maryland and has been writing professionally for over five years. GRETEL is his debut novel.

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