“If you grew up watching Friday the 13th, Phantasm, Elm St. and other early John Carpenter films then you have to see”…

David has lost his girlfriend and his mind. Capps Crossing is his only refuge. When six hikers make the mistake of choosing Capps Crossing to spend the weekend, David will stop at nothing to make sure they never come back.


Brian Cory, Alex Acosta, Parker Alexander, Marcus Parker, Isabel Sirgusa, Ashley Sullivan, Quenya Tuck

Directed and written by:

Mike Stahl

“If you are into a good gorey and creepy film thrill, then you’ve get to check this out! I liked how well the imagery captivated you in the horror.”

“Well done Indie thriller that has a really good story…  It is very well filmed and acted and has a great story line. I would recommend this film to anyone.”

“Scary movie but with lots of twists and turns that make it believable. Too many horror movies look fake. This one looks real. If you’re a horror movie fan, you need to see this. The story works really well and the actors did a great job of making this real.”

“Good pace – great visuals- Creepy bad guy, he made an excellent psycho. Loved each of the characters of the campers. They were all very believable. Script had some great, funny , one liners to break up the suspense here and there. I can see this becoming a cult classic. And I can see a sequel. A very entertaining evening. Well done to the creators.”

“Bored with the same old horror movies? Want one that goes beyond the usual expectations? Want to be truly scared and think, okay, next time I go camping, forget it, I won’t go camping? Then Capps Crossing will fit all of your requirements. This indie film has the qualities of what makes independent film coveted. Natural performances that put the viewer into the situation. Ashley Sullivan’s character really makes female viewers feel vulnerable. As do all the actors, but that one scene where she… This movie earned the highest rating because it shows what dedicated filmmakers can pull off with a shoe string budget, limited shooting locales, and dedicated actors, crew, and just good story telling. Watch and be scared this summer.”

“Thrilling and suspenseful movie! Capps Crossing wasn’t predictable and had a great twist at the end. Loved the different character personalities played well by the actors and actresses. All in all it was definitely a ?!”

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