“The Crossbreed” Gets World Release Date and New Trailer!

Biray Dalkiran’s expected first movie in USA; “The Crossbreed” will release on 13th of April, 2018.

Biray Dalkiran is a successful Turkish director, executive producer and script writer; living in Los Angeles about a year. “The Crossbreed” is his English language debut movie and nineth of his career.

“The Crossbreed” is an horror thriller movie starring Angela Durazo, Nathan Schellerup, Malinda Farrington, Danny Winn and Katy Bentz.

Long synopsis from official web site (www.thecrossbreed.com) says:

“Living with her boyfriend and coworker, John, in the city of Los Angeles, the life of the journalist Amy was going perfect when she found out her unexpected pregnancy. Dealing with her secret conflict, followed by terrible nightmares, she decided to go to an abortion clinic, indicated by her best friend, Rose.

The journalist couple is tasked to go to an old village to investigate and unmask their diabolic history. Welcomed by the local priest, Paul, and his sister, Maria, they discover that the village has bounds with the legend of Lilith, who, per the Old Testament of the Bible, was Adam’s first wife and, just like Adam, was created from the earth. Considering herself equal and refusing to obey Adam, Lilith abandoned him when three angels threatened that if she didn’t return, one hundred of her sons would die every day. Refusing to go back, she became the female demon who will bring the devil to Earth.

According to the village locals, the children of Lilith are still alive and giving birth to twins, being one the good and other the evil. Such evil children are kept live and are called the Crossbreeds, who, coupling with other Crossbreed, can give birth to a demon.

The evil and foreboding force in the village is so unnerving that Amy starts to believe that something is wrong and the supposed myth is actually truth. After finding children bones and hidden audio tapes, the couple wake up with noises in the house and, considering the local market on those histories, get to the conclusion that it must be the priest trying to convince them to get good news and, therefore, increase the village’s propaganda.

Amy starts to try to get God’s forgiveness for her abortion, meanwhile, John is having an affair with Rose, Amy’s best friend, who he has an obscure relation.”

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