Horror director Jared Masters’ New Book ‘The Cinematic Equation’ is Now Available on Amazon

Yes, the truth hurts…. The new book that’s sending a shock wave through the indie-filmmaking community is here. Already, in its first week, The Cinematic Equation is soaring towards number one. Discover the new secret knowledge of guerrilla filmmaking now. Learn how to make a living in Hollywood making your movies. Learn the art and joy of motion picture integrity.

Get a grasp on Masters’ budget-minded concepts with his Backwards Progression Theory. Learn how to scene-morph, effectively. A manual every filmmaker, producer, actor and dreamer should have in their back pocket, at all times. Find out the best way to sell yourself and your movie. Stop living a lie. Read The Cinematic Equation, now. The shocking tidbits you need to know, before moving forward with your career.

Translated in 29 languages…. Let The Cinematic Equation guide you through a low stress, low-risk, filmmaking process, with profitable results. Remedies for potential political and counter-intuitive struggles of the many scenarios often faced on a motion picture set. What tasks and positions can be avoided? One method versus another. Breakthrough concepts. 18 ways to fund your film! Does more funding help or hinder?

Uncover the side of Hollywood nobody sees in The Cinematic Equation. Learn how to be the daddy of Hollywood in this highly anticipated tell-all! Uncover the tried and true methods, and the delicate art of the craft. Learn how to profit from your movies and their merchandise.

Embody the dream, and embrace a new focus on the grasp of this business and the pure and impure artistry of man.

In the press:

“Director Jared Masters (who earlier helmed the gaudier Climb It, Tarzan!) shows an affectionate eye for the decadent side of Hollywood wannabes…” – Nathaniel Thompson, mondo-digital.com

“There’s a rough-edged coolness about director Jared Masters…. I look forward to seeing what he has in store for horror audiences in the future as SLINK is a confident and capable little indie horror gem.”


Masters will be doing a book signing, in person, at the Bourgeois Pig, in Hollywood.

Address: 5931 Franklin Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Thursday, November 30th 2017, from 6-7pm (in the Enchanted Forest Room).

Books purchased at special signing event will be discounted. $10 each. Cash only. Come out and meet the author, and get a personally signed copy of this spectacular new book.

Filled with rare photos and priceless trade secrets, revealed for the first time!

Author’s statement: “Dear friends, fans and lovers … writing The Cinematic Equation was one of the most challenging and time-consuming endeavors I’ve ever accomplished. I am quite proud to complete it, after all these years of deciding what to tell, and how to tell it. It is my most sincere hope that you will enjoy and be educated by my various thoughts, theories and anecdotes. By all means, this is not a book strictly for those in the entertainment business, but for anyone who ever chased a seemingly impossible dream.” – Jared Masters

Order the stunning new paperback at Amazon, now, while supplies last:


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