Exclusive Interview with Kevin Sizemore – Sightings, Fear The Walking Dead

Kevin Sizemore, star of Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462, returns to the horror/sci-fi genre for Sightings, a new supernatural spookfest out from High Octane Pictures in November.

-PH: Having spent so much time in this genre in recent years, I imagine you must be a fan?

-Kevin: It’s been a fun transition in my career. I had a conversation with Boo Arnold (Tom) about SIGHTINGS and then spoke to our director Dallas Morgan at length about his ideas and I thought the film would be a lot of fun.

-PH: How did Dallas Morgan entice you aboard?

-Kevin: Boo Arnold (Tom) and I are friends and he’s the one who recommended me. Dallas Morgan (director) and I had may conversations about how we both saw the character. After hearing his ideas and who the other cast members were, I thought the film would be a lot of fun.

-PH: How did he pitch your role to you?

-Kevin: He didn’t want me to be you average everyday small town detective. He wanted somewhat of a mystery to appear and not play him in a way where he’s easy to figure out. My character has a job to do and once all the details of the case emerge, let’s close this one out and get onto the next one!

-PH: Had you played a detective before or was this new terrain for you?

-Kevin: I played an undercover US Air Marshall on FEAR THE WALKING DEAD: FLIGHT 462 and a small town deputy trying to take things in his own hands on UNDER THE DOME. They weren’t exactly detectives, but the characters had similarities.

-PH: Anything you found difficult to film in the latest flick?

-Kevin: Just dodge the potholes in the filed when running from whatever that scary thing is! I remember there was one take that I got so into character, that I ran so fast I zipped by Jason J. Lewis (Deputy Brian LeMoine) and left him out to be eaten. It was really funny cause I shut the door on him. Hope that makes it in the outtakes!

-PH: How does working for TV differ from film?

-Kevin: The process of creating your character to me is the same. It’s more on how the director wants the performance to be given, but I actually approach the two very similar until I find the tone of the project. That’s when you decide if the genre is more over the top or reserved. You have to know your audience.

-PH: Having done so many high-profile TV shows and genre movies, do you see yourself having a panel or a booth at Comic Con, or one of these large conventions, one day?

-Kevin: That’s funny because my son Gunnar whose also an actor and voice actor was talking to me about that same thing on the way to school this week. This year I was filming, but Gunnar was at Comic-Con for one of the shows he does BEN 10 (Billy Billions). I actually MC’d the Masquerade Ball about 4 years ago at Comic-Con and had a blast. I think it would be great to do a panel.

-PH: Do you have anything coming out soon?

-Kevin: All coming out next year: Sci-Fi film set in the year 2036 DOMAIN. Coalminers get trapped underground MINE-9. Peer pressure and kids being bullied REACH. A Courtroom Drama LEGAL ACTION and KILLER WORK WIFE for Lifeime

Kevin Sizemore
Twitter/Instagram @kevinsizemore

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