SCARED TO DEATH Short Film is Now Streaming for Free!

Halloweenapalooza’s 2017 Audience Choice award winner, SCARED TO DEATH is NOW available to stream online for free! Two people viciously murdered at a nearby haunted house isn’t enough to deter four friends from their Halloween plans. While winding their way through a massive and nearly empty haunted house, the women start to realize that not everyone is there for fun and games. Blending in with the other costumed characters, a masked man stalks the group of women, waiting for his moment to strike. As they cross paths with a killer, these friends go from scared to death.

Courtney Rose Bennett
Michelle De Sutter
Anna Nabhan
Kristy Whitman
Eric Stadler
Brittany Lynne Harvey
Jake Van Hoorn
Jillian Risinger

Director, Editor, Cinematographer:Kate Lavin
Producer:Jeremy Friedrich
MUA:Liv Roach

Social Links
Twitter: @TheLavProCo

Watch The Short Film Now!

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