HHF is game-changing the horror film festival scene…

From the blood-drenched vaults of the legendary Hollywood Horrorfest come 6 uniquely dark, award-winning tales of terror from across the globe. Each story has a tantalizing twist, so sharp and deliciously unexpected, that these tortured tales will haunt your sleeping hours and have you crying out for more!

The 6 amazing films include…


A young mother brings her daughter to work – even though her job is being a lingerie-clad maid for a paraplegic millionaire. Soon things turn even darker and both mother and daughter are trapped in the house and fighting for their lives.

Directed by: Jerry Pyle      Produced by: Tim Hyten

Festival Director Miles Flanagan says… “The first time I watched “SERVICE” with the HHF audience, they audibly gasped at the opening. It truly was an amazing thing to experience”

Happy Birthday, Mr. Zombie

Mr. Zombie comes back home after a hard day’s work only to be emotionally overwhelmed by a surprise birthday party in his honor. With his damaged brain and ineffectual appendages, opening the many presents is another matter. And much gore-filled and the blackest of bloody comic mayhem ensues. Not for the faint of heart!

Directed by: David Leclercq     Produced by: Stephane Everaert & David Leclercq


Minutes after a technical failure a female astronaut is ejected from her cockpit and into space. With no hope of rescue and her oxygen supply fading quickly she passes out. Adrift in space for hours she awakens to find herself facing a mysterious entity. Taking the shape of an immense colored cloud, is this ‘thing’ the afterlife, or is she finally saved?

Directed by: Andrew Desmond

Bright Eyes

A startled young woman suddenly awakes on hearing a strange noise in her house. Someone, or something, has broken in. A bizarre game of cat and mouse ensues in this award-winning satirical riff on the tropes of the horror genre.

Directed and produced by Jamie Rivera

Bar Talk

In a dusty Texas bar, a chatty stranger strikes up a conversation with a bored local. The more this out-of-towner talks, the more sinister the conversation becomes. He’s obviously a stranger – but is he really from another planet as he claims or just plain crazy. Before the drinks are over the devastating truth is revealed.

Directed by: Lowell Northrop    Produced by: Marco Vidalis & Lowell Northrop

Northrop says… “Bar Talk is basically a Twilight Zone episode that takes place at a trucker bar in East Texas. There’s this slow burn with the back-and-forth dialogue and you don’t know whether to believe anything that’s coming out of this guy’s mouth.”

Drunken Moon

A strange, lonely drunk used to wander the streets at night in this small Texas town. Nobody knew much about him… until it was too late.

Directed by: Lowell Northrop

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The Awards festival that both screens films in competition & helps you network, promote and sell your film, and gets your film in the TV series HHF PRESENTS.

Over the years there has been an explosion of Indie Horror film festivals. And while that’s always great news, after the awards have been handed out, many film-makers are left wondering what to do next. Too often many acclaimed, award winning features and shorts remain unsold and undistributed. The industry has changed dramatically over the last few years and HOLLYWOOD HORRORFEST 2018 reflects that change.

The big question is how do you actually make any money from all your hard work? Well at HOLLYWOOD HORRORFEST 2018 we’re gathering some of the best and knowledgeable names in the indie horror industry to help answer your questions. We’ll also have representatives from many of the current independent distribution companies at hand plus sales reps and PR companies with valuable tips on how to market your work. Whether you’ve made a short or feature, we have panels that can help with:

Financing, writing, casting, PR, festivals, selling, and distributing

Films in competition will be screened throughout the festival. All film-makers will get to:

-walk the red carpet
-pose for press photos in front of the festival step & repeat
-& Winners receive Awards and prizes (TBA)

Festival winners will also be invited to participate in some of the informative panels – imparting their unique insight into how they got their films financed, made, sold and distributed.

And most importantly we’re now working with one of AMAZON VIDEO’s longest running aggregator/distributors and give our winning entries the opportunity to be part of Season Two of our acclaimed TV series HOLLYWOOD HORRORFEST PRESENTS. So hopefully our winners will make some money too.

Flanagan also mentions this about season two…

“We’re in talks with a great actor who’s well known to many for his horror work for the creepy host role in Season Two. So it only gets better and better.”

For more information about the festival, please visit:


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