In the New Savage World, Survival is the Only Thing that Matters… 

After witnessing his pregnant wife being slaughtered, one man tracks a group of cannibals in a tense game of cat and mouse and picks them off one by one in bloody vengeance.


Richard Ruiz, Jimi Voelker, Lori Dolan Meyer, Bethann Kosowski, Adam S Litton, Kira Meyer, and Cassie Klahn

Directed by:

Emir Skalonja


FoxTrot Productions

“I have always been a big fan of no-budget, underground horror as a way for young filmmakers to find their voice. I think it’s a great place to look for future talent of the genre and Emir is definitely someone I will be keeping my eye on.” -George C Romero (George A Romero’s son)

“Meanwhile, if it’s the juicy red stuff you’re after, you’re in for a lavish banquet. Savage pulls no punches with moments of limbs being hacked off, guts tugged out, gouging, deep bites, throat slashes and much more. Since I mentioned the publications of Chas Balun earlier on, I reckon this one would get an 8 on the gore score.”

“The story for this one got me. The film is dark and gritty like you would expect from a post-apocalyptic movie that hits you with raw emotion especially if you are father like myself. The story has a savage disregard for human life that will leave the viewer feeling sick to their stomach. “

“The whole film has a washed out grey colour look to it which adds to the apocalyptic feel of the movie, with just vibrant reds breaking up the desolate helplessness all around… Overall SAVAGE is a decent post-apocalyptic cannibal movie that shows that even in the toughest of situations mans will to kill will take over his will to survive.”

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