Exclusive Interview with BUTCHER THE BAKERS Director Tyler Amm

Tyler Amm talks us through his new horror-comedy Butcher the Bakers, out this month from Dark Cuts.

-PH: Are you a fan of the genre from way back? Any old faves inspire your movie?

-Tyler: I grew up watching horror movies with my friends. Regardless of quality we always stuck them out and either shit our pants or had a good laugh. Those good memories are what make me lean towards comedy when writing our horror themed scripts.

Hellraiser, the Evil Dead series, Re-Animator and Dead Alive definitely inspired Butcher the Bakers.

-PH: What’s been the most surprising bit of feedback you heard about the movie?

-Tyler: My favorite reaction to people seeing the film is, “What the hell was that?” I like that it leaves them curious and confused reactions, especially when the laugh but aren’t sure why.

-PH: How long had you been working on it for?

-Tyler: Pre-production lasted all of 4 months and that included a heavy script rewrite from a previous treatment. We shot the film in 10 days initially and then another 3 of pickups down the road. The film was completed in about a year.

-PH: And was the press campaign equally as long?

-Tyler: Truly the press is only coming out now. Butcher was completed in Spring of 2017 and was picked up Dark Cuts Entertainment who just announced the release date.

-PH: How important do you feel it is to do press for a film?

-Tyler: The film speaks for itself. I could talk all day about it but really the best press is someone who watches the film, enjoys it, and then tells a friend.

-PH: Can positive and negative reviews affect the performance of a movie?

-Tyler: It is my belief that you make what you want of your viewing experience. I don’t care if you laugh with or at my films so long as you have a good time. If someone feels the need to be cynical in a review it won’t stop me from making weird and oddball comedy horror films. Positive reactions are a great encouragement, but really I look forward to how my cast and crew feels ultimately.

-PH: What does 2018 hold in store for you?

-Tyler: We’re currently releasing a 6 episode gothic talk show series on YouTube called The Benevolent Buckley Show. I’m also doing some work with Petri Entertainment who may pick up and help produce my next script, a comedy-thriller about crime for hire.

-PH: Is there a genre you haven’t tackled that you’d like to next year?

-Tyler: Definitely want to move towards more thriller and mystery based content. I like the fusion of comedy in any genre, especially when it comes from a weird place.

-PH: Looking back on the year, how successful for you was it?

-Tyler: On a personal level it was great because I got a new bed and I fucking love sleeping in it. Professionally I’m happy that Butcher the Bakers will be accessible to everyone now. I consider both of those wins.

-PH: What was the highlight?

-Tyler: The highlight of making Butcher the Bakers has definitely been the relationships I’ve made throughout the process. I have a strong team I love working with and there are some new faces who want to help us get further.

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