Horror Film “Under the Knife” to World Premiere at Yubari

Bloated Cat Productions and Penguin Films will World Premiere their latest horror feature lm, UNDER THE KNIFE, at the Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival 2018
on Saturday, March 17th at 9pm. Among the world’s elite genre festivals, Yubari, now in it’s 28th year, is the largest horror festival in Japan.

UNDER THE KNIFE was written and directed by American lmmaker Josh Hoffman and produced by J. Pingo Lindstrom. This English-language lm was shot on location in South Korea, Japan and the US, and is the rst South Korea / Sweden co-production. Renowned Korean actor, Jin-geun Kim (ACACIA, 2003 and VOICES, 2007) stars as the deranged plastic surgeon, Dr. P.

“Beverly travels to South Korea to get plastic surgery, but ends up unknowingly getting a computerized implant from a surgeon who maniacally turns his patients into beautiful killing machines.”

UNDER THE KNIFE is a psychedelic journey into the vortex of vanity.
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Worldwide release in late 2018.

View the trailer at the Official Site:


Yubari website: http://yubarifanta.com/lms/4554/?lang=en

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