Women in Horror Month Interview with Author AJ Horvath

As you may know, February is “Women in Horror” month. To celebrate, PromoteHorror.com asked women from different professions if they would like to answer some questions about being a “Woman in Horror.” One of the women, who was kind enough to answer our questions, was author AJ Horvath. Lets see what she said about being a “Woman in Horror”…

-PH: When did you first become a horror fan?

-AJ: I first became a horror fan in 3rd grade. I was fascinated by all things creepy, scary, and odd. I devoured Goosebumps books and as I got older I would get stacks of VHS tapes (I’m really showing my age!) from the video store to watch every weekend with my mom. My grandmother was a writer and I think it carried down to me. I would write little stories or come up with little tales to tell my friends to freak them out.

-PH: Was there a specific moment when you realized that you wanted to go from being a fan of horror to a woman who contributes to the genre, or did it just kind of happen naturally?

-AJ: I think it came naturally. I loved the genre and I wanted to be able to be a part of it in any way I could. I grab inspiration from my surroundings and use it to create creepy insights into the world from a woman’s eyes.

-PH: What does having a “Women in Horror” month mean to you?

-AJ: Having a “Women in Horror” month means so very much to me as I feel that it is rare to find people really acknowledging women in horror for their work in creating and adding to it by film, works of literature, etc. Women contribute so much to the genre and they truly deserve the recognition and gratitude for building and morphing the horror genre.

-PH: Is there a woman in horror who you consider a role model?

-AJ: To be honest my biggest horror role models are the Soska sisters. Their positive influence and mentality of “Fuck it. Do it.” Gives me the push I need to get past self-doubt and concerns that come from what culture might tell me I should be or do. If I don’t share what I have inside, it might never come about. Seeing these two badass women taking their skills and the horror genre by the horns inspires me to do the same.

-PH: What do you think the future holds for women in horror?

-AJ: That is the great thing about the future, we have time to make an imprint now that will allow for women in horror to really influence the genre in a larger capacity. I think with more support and a great community like this one, we will be able to explore areas of the horror genre that women can really add to.

-Being that this is PromoteHorror.com, please feel free to plug your current/next horror project.

-AJ: My page is https://www.facebook.com/ajhorvathwrites/ and I am currently editing my first novel and working on a collection of horror short stories. I am even toying with the idea of turning some of my stories into a podcast of sorts.

Thanks for the opportunity to share my insights on women in horror and Women in Horror Month. It really is a great movement and I am happy to contribute in any way.

We would like to thank AJ Horvath for taking the time to answer our questions, but more importantly for her contribution to horror!

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